Your Pheromone Responsibility

These are detailed notes taken from the pheromone formula which was filmed at a seminar given by Wayne Elise (Juggler) in Melbourne, Australia. This is not an exact transcript, however it's mostly written in Juggler's first person. I will not be ripping or sharing the actual DVD, but that doesn't mean you can go and share these notes with anybody because while it's not an exact transcript, it's pretty damn close and I don't want to piss off the Charisma Arts guys, they're awesome people who've helped a lot of people and deserve every penny they earn.

It is your responsibility to NOT share this pheromone research with anybody, no matter how much you want to. Don't be that guy who says to himself “oh I'll just share it with my best friend, it'll be okay because I can trust him” because your best friend is going to do the same thing for some guy *he* trusts and before long, this thing is all over the Internet and Juggler's wondering why a transcript of his copyrighted DVD is making its way around the world according to

If you are holding this pheromone cologne in your hand and you didn't get it from the place where I made it available, it means someone ignored the above. Please don't make the problem worse by further distributing it – keep it to yourself.

Taking something to another level. Juggler envisions this as an actual window with a girl on the other side. There are escalation moments during the interactions during which the window opens and she expects you to go through it, take it to the next level. If you don’t do it, she gets bored. Do not fall into the trap of saying “this is going well, I’m going to keep doing THIS pheromone perfume” because your tendency will be to say “oh, things are going downhill and I need to get her interest back.” This is a mistake. The real problem is that you just didn’t escalate your pheromone production.

Example: Guy stops girl walking and says “I just have to stop you there, I just need to tell you that when you walk, your hair bobs up and down, it’s just totally mesmerizing.” At this point the girl was already won over. But he didn’t know where to take it next and he was like “well… see ya later…” And the girl was totally disappointed. She was just looking for a little direction.

Three major pheromone escalations: 1. Opening (going from not knowing each other to talking) 2. Creating a personal vibe 3. Making it sexual After you open, a few minutes later it becomes awkward to be talking to a complete stranger and not have it be personal. Both people end up wondering “where is this going?”

In general, she’ll be comfortable talking about random shit for about seconds and then you better have some way of making it personal. Note: this is the opposite of what indirect methods preach – the indirect guys have, as their burden in life, to keep people entertained for a while with talking about random stuff with your pheormones. I'd rather have a two-way conversation, because doing all that giving without getting anything back, isn't fun for me. If it takes you forever to get personal, you may end up doing it when she’s done nothing to deserve it. This makes your pheromones plummet.


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