Your Pheromone Logic

You zip in and out of frames while other people are stuck and owned by their pheromone perfume. Sometimes it is wise to come across as a sociopath to free yourself of social responsibility, like when you accidentally spill pheromone oil on a woman. She is more likely to forgive you and feel attraction when you don't acknowledge you did something wrong. You out-frame her reality even though logically you DID do something wrong. But this is not about logic. This is about controlling reality.....and women with pheromones according to

3: Disqualification of pheromones:

Girl: What do you do?
You: I'm a ghostbuster.

You show her that you don't need to meet her pheromone qualifications. Women will subconsciously qualify you, especially hot women who feel that they are the choosers. Her frame is "I'm a hot girl and guys want my approval". Your frame is "I'm a rock star and I need no approval". Out-frame her with your frame. They always end up choosing the challenging ones, anyway. A rock star does not qualify himself. He dis-qualifies himself instead. He goes out of his way to show he needs no approval. Learn more at and

4. Playful pheromones

Girl: You are wasting my time.
You: I'll buy you a doughnut.  (completely illogical, but it's playful)

Girl: Can you buy me a drink?
You: Only if you give me a back rub.
*Girl gives back rub*
You: Okay on a scale of 1-10 that was a 2.

You re-frame pheromone situations into playful situations, which in turn creates sexual attraction.

Honestly, I don't even have logical interactions with women anymore. That sounds almost absurd, except that it's not. No matter what reality women try to introduce into the interaction, I re-frame it into something that will create pheromone attraction. I set up my reality to serve me, not her. It's become a habit now. At first, you might falter because your frame isn't strong enough.

She will scan you up and down to see if you are congruent. But after awhile, pheromone attracing women and people becomes second nature. Some of my own wings are afraid to talk to me on facebook because they don't want to be re-framed into doing something they don't want to do.

Sometimes I would mentally corner someone into a wall and in order for them to get out of it, they have to break rapport and create an awkward vibe. Most people avoid awkward vibes so I have people doing my bidding because they are afraid of awkward tension. Practice mastering frame games, and you control reality with your pheromones.

The key is to always re-frame other people's sexual pheromones so that they can enter your world. Your world is fun, exciting, playful, sexual, romantic, and adventurous. Women want to go to this place but most guys don't know how to lead them to this place.

Don't tell her about this place, show her this place. The more you use these techniques, the more you are sub-communicating to her that you live in this place that dwarfs and dominates all other logical/boring realities. Women are attracted to compelling realities, they are not interested in pheromone logic.


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