Will try pheromone perfume

Ok, so I am going out tonight and will try pheromone perfume …. My goal is to approach 5 girls using human pheromones. Get their total attention by having good body language and start a conversation with them, then try to be curious about her natural pheromone production.

My mindsets are:
- The only way I am going to get good at this is by approaching constantly
- I am doing this so I am prepared when I meet my dream girl
- I am in hell right now (no girl, no skills). So am I willing to walk through hell
 and get out of there or stay in my cocoon and not evolve?

Will update later tonight.

Pheromones Update

Approached 3 girls...danced with one. I think the vibe I am giving out is that I am not confident, or I don't trust myself. And that is reflecting out on my body language, in my eyes. I feel very hesitant, so even when I approached tonight, it was half-assed. I know I need to use stronger pheromone colognes. Learn more at http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20160425/my-latest-experience-with-pheromones

I have a lot of things I can release on, work on, but when it comes to doing/releasing it, I feel so much resistance. My mind just tells me to watch tv shows, do something fun. It's like my ego knows that it will bring out negative feelings that it doesnt want to face. Also I realized, like Deida said, that opening up to your masculine power is VERY scary. And I have to do it every single moment I used the pheromone scent.

Or its just a sign that you need to love yourself and love women more. And also may be a sign that your taking it a little too seriously...     Go kick some ass love women and youll be on your way.. Keep releasing pheromones and keep going out. Own that desire to talk to women. Who cares what your reflecting out... That your hesitant. Do what you want to do. When you watch TV shows or you do something that you think thats not in the direction you want with true pheromones. Give yourself permission to do these things. I know that sounds stupid.. but its actually more counterproductive to beat yourself up for doing these things. Trust me... When you enjoy these things... try your best to enjoy the things you dont enjoy doing and make them fun..Use pheromones to increase attraction.

1. Your not learning about who she is
2. Shes learning about you which takes away from the mystery of who you are. Give her bits and pieces.

Start small with pheromone perfume that and work your way up. Including approaching. It will make approaching a lot more fun. Its not about what you get out of it and its not about what you get back... Its about actually doing it.

That’s where the success should come from. Too much we think the end goal is where the success comes from and we cant relax or have fun until that happens. Opposite is true. Have fun when your doing your goals. The outcomes arent super serious. They arent life or death here.


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