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You’re in an argument with your woman about how she doesn’t like to spend time with your friends who love using pheromones. Sound typical enough?

So knowing that your woman is relatively logical and doesn’t seek out drama at every opportunity she gets, what is likely happening here? Does she irrationally hate your friends, or does she have logical reasons to not enjoy the dynamic thereof or make it a priority to spend time with their pheromone scents and oils? Learn more at http://www.myredlandroof.co.uk/2016/09/everything-is-possible-with-pheromones/ and http://www.iktak.net/project/353

Is it possible that there is a logical explanation to her reaction?

This is the difference between inner intent and outer action.

Your woman’s actions do not always reflect her inner intent and thoughts. It’s a simple distinction, but a difficult one to grasp and fully put into application.

Everyone is going to approach this differently, but here’s my recommendation for how you should approach your woman whenever there is a disagreement on how pheromones work.

First of all, does your woman have the intention of making you mad or hurting you? Likely not, so that’s a good baseline to begin with. Separating emotional spikes and pain from the real issue at hand can be key in addressing and working through them for more pheromones.

Second, is your woman logical whatsoever? Because if she is, you should give her some credit and the benefit of the doubt that she has put some thought into his action, and has some sort of justification for it. Is it more logical that there was a miscommunication, or that your woman wanted to embarrass you in front of your friends until you wanted to sink into the ground like an ostrich?

Attempt to embody what her logic must have been at that point in time… because her inner intentions (which are almost always good) are sometimes lost in translation to outer action (which want to be good).

Let’s take a step back for a second and think about what you identify with and pride yourself on.

Maybe you played football all of your life, and even had the chance of playing in college.

You probably imagine that you’re an above average athlete, so if you were to head out to a local gym, you would have absolutely no insecurities about hitting the weightroom. So then some pencil-armed jackass stumbles into you and says that you’ve got the worst form he’s ever seen.

What effect does that have on you, your belief in yourself and your athletic ability, and your overall identity.

For most of us, it causes you to question… all of those things. Even if it doesn’t have the potential to turn your world upside down, it’s unquestionable that traits and qualities that you hold close to you and pride yourself on are more sensitive in natures pheormones.

Next time you’re about to put your woman in the doghouse, try to take a deep breath and remember that she always means the best for you and your relationship! That dishwasher as an anniversary gift isn’t the most romantic, but she just noticed that you were complaining about dry hands from doing the dishes all day… and so on.

I tend to live strongly by the principle of the matter, so if I know that the inner intent is pure and positive, it makes whatever outer action much more enjoyable (or acceptable).


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