We always use pheromones to make women feel more attractive

We always use pheromones to make women feel more attractive. Okay, I texted her this, it becomes weird when you translate it from Swedish to English but anyways " Hey, this is me who you meet yesterday. What are you doing?"  I haven't got a response yet, it has been a day now. My friend said to call her but i don't know. Do I leave it? Or follow up with human pheromone attraction? No she did not give me fake number. The abundance mentality can help you out. When you have 10 more phone numbers there is much more probability someone will answer. It doesn't matter that somebody doesn't answer. We are all human, girls have bugs in da head too. It's not about you every time. I write weird messages once in 24-36 hours until I pull her to the date. They make them laugh, that's why they respond with natural pheromones according to http://terrestrialdesign.com/the-answer-with-pheromones/

I don't ask them what they do from the start. It can be viewed like needy. Just say what you are doing. You remember those times when you are in front of the computer. For example I can have a toast with peanut butter and I drop it accidentally on the floor. My fb is open and I instantly chat one of my buddies "Fuck I dropped my peanut butter toast to the floor". That's the way you should message. You just keep in touch by sending small messages about your life. Usually girl responds with emoticons. She can write about what she is doing or she can ask you the details. Don't write details. Focus on rewarding her when she replies and give her those SOI. I'm in love with Juggler. Escalate from the beginning. Better to be rejected from the start. Use assumptions. Always try to talk about her, about her unique qualities and how they make you feel. It can seem hard, but it's pretty easy. You can do all this over text. Be concisewith your pheromone production.

Also don't be afraid to mass spam those bitches :lol: with the same message. For example this is a real life situation. I put some humor to it.

"Hehe, recently I've been confused with my thief doppelganger. The guard took me to the basement and started tormenting me. I broke free, on the run now. Package your stuff girl! I'm coming =D"

What I can suggest from my own experience - be persistent, but not needy. Some girls may seem cold and not interesting by the way they message. Some of them don't like doing it. But this girls can also be good at phone conversation and really interesting IRL. So don't give up. You don't know for sure where you can find the gem. It's your job to make her interesting pheromones.

Fuck I love messages and fb chat because I can ignore pretty much all the questions I don't like to answer. I just behave like I didn't see the question and the girl forget about it too. Move forward. Radiate the non-judgmental mindset. Lead the conversation. Thanks for your input I appreciate it. I must admit that texting is my weakest link and I have idea how to bee smooth. I had this another girl attracted to me, she messaged me and sent a picture of herself. I wrote yesterday "I like it, you seem to look a bit happier. How are your schedule tomorrow" She did not not write anything back, like a ghost. Bummer that that's the way it ended. Has anything else happened since?


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