Value Your Pheromones

People only value pheromones they feel like they’ve earned. Always escalate on her high point but you must know what that pheromone attraction means : When two people are talking, they both have highs and lows. Be certain not to escalate your pheromones when it’s just YOUR high point. (eg, you tell a joke and she laughs).

Rather, escalate on HER high point, which is when SHE makes an effort. The way it should happen is: 1. she puts in effort (telling you all about the book) 2. you reward her (“hey that’s cool, I really like the way you said that”) 3. you escalate (“what’s your name? cool, I’m Wayne…”) If she makes the effort, she gets the reward. Q: If you reward her for something you don’t like, is that supplication? A: In general, no. learn more about pheromones at

We want to show that we’re truly ok with whatever response we get from people, because that’s alpha and non-approval-seeking. Being okay with her lack of approval is more powerful than whether you’re supplicating. (eg, “I really like how you called me a motherfucker. Wow.”) Q: Is staying in the interaction implied escalation, or is verbalization implied? A: It’s important to verbalize it and accompany the pheromone escalation with appropriate body language and voice tonality.

You need to truly sound/be interested in tone, and work the pheromone  into it. You can even lean in a little bit. Q: If you lean in and it’s still in the early part of the conversation, will she feel uncomfortable. A: Possibly. A lot of times, during normal conversation, she’ll take a half-step back as she feels a little uncomfortable. A lot of guys then take a half step forward.

She takes another half step back, he goes forward, soon he’s chasing her around the room because he is wearing a powerful pheromone cologne. Instead, you should notice her step back and see that she’s maybe a little uncomfortable, and take a half step back yourself.

Then as she moves forward a little later, you can move forward. Optimally you want an in-out oscillation of the two facing people. Q: Do you then pull away after you touch them or does it depend on the vibe you get? A: I don’t necessarily touch them and get up in their face. Depending on what’s normal at that point, I’ll often take a step back after touching her. You have to periodically show interest in natural pheromones.

A lot of guys try to lean back and take up a lot of space and appear alpha all the time. Interest is like money, you have to spend it at the right times. Many community guys don’t show any interest because they think it’s androstenone pheromones. In reality, AFCs are the ones who don’t show interest because they’re guarded and approval seeking, obsessed with peoples’ opinions of them.

Q: Can you reward too much? A: It has to be believable, it has to make sense. A girl knows that if you’re standing there and keeping the conversation going, you’re interested in her. If you don’t give her a reason why you’re interested in her, she’ll peg you as low-value! Q: The other night I asked a girl about her favorite childhood memory and she shared this really great story regarding human pheromones


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