Using human pheromones?

The main difference between high and low power distance cultures is how direct you can be when seducing women. In a low distance culture it’s more important to assert yourself and approach directly. However, in a high distance culture it is more important to be seen as an authority figure in how you present and display yourself.

You must focus on what you say and on deciphering the intended meaning of what is said to you. In this type of culture it’s the job of the listener to contemplate what is being said to them. Essentially this is the opposite of the low distance culture where it’s the responsibility of the speaker to convey meaning with real pheromones according to

Within a competitive culture you can create jealousy and stoke her desire to win when she sees other Women find you attractive. In a cooperative culture you get to know her more and create a situation where she can become comfortable with you for real pheromones.

How do you improve your body language immediately with using human pheromones? For a while I overlooked this very simple tip and was pleasantly surprised when I finally figured it out. The number one thing you can do right now to improve the attractiveness of your body language is to unbutton your shirt. Unbutton your shirt to where you feel comfortable, and then unbutton one more button. Simple.

Smile vs. No Smile: You’ve probably heard you have to smile when you talk to women from some people, while others tell you not to smile. So, which is it? Both. It all just depends on context and your style of natural pheromones.

If you smile you are seen as being friendlier, but you can come off as fake or as attempting to hide something. If you are always smiling you can appear slow as well. When you don’t smile you retain your mystery, which creates curiosity, but it can also make you appear snobbish and cold.

“Hey guys, you know Dr. Cutler? Well, there’s also a Bat Girl, but I don’t really get her. I mean, why do all her gadgets require batteries? Or her capture device...a bra...that catches the bad men and is impossible for them to undo.” Inarticulate: This opener I call the frat boy mating call, as it is common with drunken frat boys. The sororities also have a similar version, which I forget at the moment of human pheromones.

This opener is incredibly blunt, but it also works if it’s delivered with enough conviction. “Ow!” It also includes grunts and various other sounds of a more base nature similar to animals. Comparison or Debate: This opener places two opposing things against each other and asks, which one wins and why. The problem with this opener is it’s sometimes difficult to find two things people find universally interesting. The most universal example I’ve found so far is, “Hey guys, help us settle a bet. Whereas if you’re going around asking her if she believes in spells she may seriously think you are casting spells on her, especially if you use any NLP. You think I’m kidding.


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