Unreactive Pheromones

Learning how to be "unreactive" and "not giving a fuck" while still holding on to a sensitive ego is like putting pearls on a pig. You are still a pig no matter how much you pretend to be unreactive and not give a damn about what people think. Deep down inside, you still care. People's judgements still have a hold on you. You are still validation seeking. Every ego needs validation to survive. Without validation, the ego starts to die, which is why 99% of the population cannot help but to self seek constantly in the world with natural pheromone production.

The bad news is, even if you have infinite validation, your ego will never be satisfied. You think at some point, with enough validation, you'll be happy. The reason why you think this way is because you haven't experienced infinite validation yet. So your mind has something to look forward to. Like a rabbit chasing after a carrot that is dangling right in front of him. But even infinite validation won't make you happy. I am speaking from personal experience. There was a time when I had infinite validation from women and my ego still wasn't fulfilled. This caused me to become existential. I eventually became depressed and lost my sexual intent towards women's pheromones according to http://www.wiiuactu.fr/physical-pheromones/

I realized that for most of my life, I wasn't even chasing after sex and affection. How could I? I only usually have chemistry with about 10% of women I meet. What I was really after was validation. I don't need to have chemistry with a woman to get validation from her. So the universe gave me infinite validation and I became more depressed. It's unbelievable if you've never experienced it. Sort of like committing suicide after you be come famous or becoming a drug addict after winning the lottery. The ego lives in a fantasy where it believes that there is a point where it will be fulfilled. But when given everything life has to offer, the ego realizes that it is doomed to always be wanting. And then the ego goes into total despair and self destruct mode using cheap pheromones.

I have already been to the end of the road, so you guys don't have to go there. No woman is going to make you happy. Nothing that can enhance your identity is going to make you feel complete. The key is to throw away your identity into the fire. Let it burn.  Don't think about losing it forever. Just for this moment. Can you just throw everything away? For 10 seconds? For 10 minutes? Practice emptying yourself out everyday. This is the beginning of self esteem, spontaneity, in the moment synchronicity, magic, romance, excitement, adventure, all that life has to offer.

Life happens outside of your head and in the moment. Your identity, your image that you feel like you have to live up to, is what is holding you back. If you are completely free of any image, you are free to react appropriately to life when it shows up, instead of being stuck in your head and caring about what others may think of your pheromones.


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