try pheromones for attraction

Anyways, I am going out tonight to try pheromones for attraction. There's this chick I was talking to online, she said she will text me if she is coming out and that I should come see her. So if she texts me, I will not approach, I will go meet up with her. If she doesn't, I will go for 5 approaches, as usual. Will update later with more pheromones.

Pheromones Update

So I ended up going to my friend's house because it was his birthday. The girl I was supposed to meet had to work, so we made plans for sunday evening. Also I am going on a date with one other girl tomorrow, going to shoot some pool, walk by the river and pheromone perfume I guess. This is why human uses pheromones to increase their attraction. Learn more at

Anyways, we were just a bunch of guys hanging out at the bd party, had good talk, had a fun time bantering while some of my friends played fifa on ps3. We went out late, around 2 approaches, one of the girls shot me down but the other one was kind of into me into natural pheromones usage.

She was asking me where I am from, music was loud, so I told her friends "I am going to borrow your friend for 5 mins". They didn't mind. So I told the cute girl let's go somewhere quieter, I wanna get to know you better. She refused, I guess I didn't build enough rapport/ she wasn't THAT comfortable yet with me. She kinda joined her friends and she was cold after that real pheromone scent.

Overall it was a good night, at least one girl actually wanted to talk to me for once, even though just for a few minutes.
I know for a fact that I get this flow/swagger when I get in the zone, when I am on the table. I guess now I know where I am taking my futures dates. I think it's going to be a good way of displaying something I am passionate about to a girl, also she will see me when I am FLOWING/IN THE ZONE. Why not use this energy when approaching women. Before approaching get into this mind set that the result will just be likee a game of pool. You see what i mean? Then women will feel your human pheromones confidence.

you said this chick will text you? Did she ask for your number? and why did you not tell her to come see you! Basically if you feel the vibe go with it.....dont get to caught up in getting played though. Looking forward to your next post i want to see some real progress of natural pheromones. Yeah, we exchanged numbers and actually texted for a while off the dating site. So tonight she told me she was working, so I invited her to come see me Sunday with greater pheromone concentrations.

Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it


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