To find natural pheromones

The truth is, if we humans wanted to find natural pheromones, we would have. I don't mean to make the process of finding our mate an achievement, not at all. But like anything, if We really honestly want something, We would have consciously or unconsciously found a way to attract it with natural pheromones.

And sometimes, we want something like a relationship, but EVERYTHING we are doing shows to others that we don't want it. So we do not end up attracting it in to our lives.

I'll give you an example. I-Iypothetically, let's say I really want to attract a man in to my life who is not receptive to human pheromone perfume; who will be able to love me as I age, and will be able to see through the wrinkles and saggy skin I will inevitably have as I grow old and use more pheromone perfume.

But, In my mind, as I go through my life, I don't believe that kind of love actually exists, so EVEN IF that man shows up in my life, my mind, body and my soul rejects him before I consciously even know it, simply because, well — that kind of love doesn't exist in the world as I see it, AND I don't believe that I am deserving of it! So, it will never happen until I fix my real problem, which is my beliefs, and my suffocating viewpoint on men and loves pheromones according to

More often though, we get too caught up in ourselves to a point where we think we enjoy connection dating and relationships, but when we interact, we are holding back, and when we have the choice to connect and put ourselves out there, we rather stay home, or read a book, or basically do ANYTHING that feels more certain and safe to us to use real pheromones.

One thing is for sure, dating can be scary. And if we have had ENOUGH bad experiences in the dating game, then other humans even start to become scary. And when you get to that point, you know you have a problem, because it's not really supposed to be that way. We are social creatures, we are meant to socialize, to touch, to make love and to enjoy being in other people's company. And, people are just like you and me. We all have the same 6 human needs (as you know by now), and even though we are all unique, at the same time, looking at life from another perspective, We can see that we are also one and the same pheromone concentration.

As women, we have totally been stuffed around. We've been stuffed around by media, society, schools, colleges, advertising, even our family and friends. We have been told a big lie; and that lie is that we have to achieve, achieve and achieve some more in order to be loved. In this society, We are taught that significance (importance in society, uniqueness, achievements) are more important than love.

So we chase achievements and we try to be Worthy of love. But no one really loves us for our achievements, and IF they do — it's time to cut them off immediately, because people like this only want to rub off on your success. And, by the way, these so called achievements that we chase could be anything from looking the best, having the perfect body, or having the perfect stable job, or being smart enough and 'knowing it all‘. It could even be voluntary work.


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