Tighten Up Your Pheromone Communication

Because you have tighten up the communication on the pheromone communication. So, that's why I am excited about this. So, you need to think and look at your game plan. List everything out. List all the most common things that you say.

The most common pheromones that you use. 65:00 mins And look for the primary pheromone cologne you are wearing. You have to know that first and what the game goal is. And then you start looking at "Am I broadcasting, conflicting information here?" "Am I saying I value the game goal or "Am I saying I don't value it?" Am I saying, that I value another game goal that is not compatible with this? "Am I casting too much doubt on her as a player?" (which just happened to me actually). learn more about pheromones at http://all-accountancy-jobs-uk.co.uk/?p=726

There was a VERY VERY VERY good looking 19 year old waitress at a restaurant that I was using my pheromones on and it was going pretty well except for I just kept on making fun of how young she was. How she was only a freshmen in college.

So, I could act smarter on anything. Now doing it little bit is fine. But, she actually really wanted to once and for all clarify. She had taken my sunglasses and she was wearing them around. She was like visiting other tables, like actually wearing my sunglasses, and then she came up and she said, "I looked..." So, the first thing, the first time she wanted to use them with another. I said, "No, they look too good on me than anyone else." I was just being cocky and playful. They probably look better on me anyway. So, when I finally gave them to her.

She came back and said, "I looked at myself in the mirror and they don't look very good on me." And she is not taking them off. She just said that. So, what is she doing? She wants me to say, "Oh no! no the do actually" because I had cast so much doubt on game dynamic 1 that she needed a acknowledgement an agreement my pheromone spray was cleared.

It was probably pretty confusing to her because I had already laid in all the sexual framing stuff. So, you can imagine how confused someone could be. When they are doing that, you know, what do we c all a girl when they do that?

Oh we call them a tease and the she get pretty pissed off. So, you can imagine, she was pretty confused about the whole thing. And I completely missed it. And I sense that, been back a couple of times with out of curiosity to see if it can be repaired or how I can repair it.

But, unfortunately I haven't seen her. So, I haven't got a chance to. That's one example but all these are things that you need to get out of your game plan and the sooner you do it, the sooner you will experience success. Now, this is my first real presentation other than the blog, so I want you guys to definitely ask me any questions that you have regarding this. And what will happen is we will get a lot better. Not only a lot better in communicating it if I know where you guys are not understanding pheromone attraction.


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