This relationship with sex pheromones

She didn't really take it hostage I don't think... she literally just told you "this is what I expect from you and this relationship with sex pheromones".

If your goals and hers weren't aligned... likely the relationship was always going to end, which is ok.

It's like if she wanted to have kids and you didn't... the relationship would eventually end, because at some point, one person loses and misses out on what they want on true pheromones.

Things happened exactly as they should have... she wanted something from you, you wanted something different... the only issue being, the loss shouldn't have hit you this hard man on pheromones. This is another example... you never want to find yourself in a place of depression. I've been through it and it's no good for more pheromones. Learn more at and

Shit goes wrong always... again, it's just important that when shit goes wrong, it doesn't trip you up, it doesn't make you stumble and you never let it get to you. Learn more at

Feel what you need to feel, fully... and keep moving forward. Life it too short to dwell on things for sexy pheromones.

Her reaction to this is totally to be expected... instead of cradling your head and telling you everything will be ok... she's telling you to toughen up and get your shit together! Haha, you probably don't want to hear this right now, but this sounds like a great woman!

She gave you a lot to learn from natural pheromones. All she wanted was for you to be the Man she knew you could be.  A man is all about strength and resilience. She needs you to keep her safe and to be strong when she can't be. You are her bedrock and her foundation. If you aren't strong, she can't be at her strongest, and neither can the relationship be without true pheromones.

You set the standard and you set the tone, always.

You have to be strong always, even in your vulnerable times using  natural pheromones.

It's not fair, but neither's the fact you can snap her like a twig and fuck her in her throat.Big mistake - and I think we just found the root of this thread.

Women are always looking to be with the best man they can be with... but a man they've been with for 6 months is a better man than one they've just seen on the street. That's what love does.

She FOUGHT for your relationship to last - can you see that?! She fought YOU to be what she needed you to be, because she KNEW you could be it!

If she didn't give a fuck she would have left much sooner, without saying a word. She gave you every chance... and it wasn't enough.

That's not to say YOU weren't enough... it may have simply been a doomed relationship. But as far as I can tell, she did nothing wrong. I'm not sure you did either. Yes, you would have been better served if you had a bit more emotional resilience to you (most men don't have that, never will... you gotta go through some shit to get it!)... mostly I think you both just wanted different things.


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