The first pheromone hustle

The first pheromone hustle is getting a pretty girl into bed who is younger and better looking than you, without you having to flash the cash, be a male model, or be famous. You’d say she’s “out of your league” She’d say that “normally she doesn't date guys like you.” The hustle is that you get sex pheromones without offering the commitment she usually expects in return. You'll get called a “bastard” or a “playboy” if you manage to pull off such a Bait & switch strategy of seducing her and then vanishing. You've promised one thing and delivered another.

The second hustle is not against the girl, but against society itself. You’re getting her from under the noses of other guys without entering nightclubs or showering her with gifts. She might be married or have a. boyfriend, but is happy to be an accomplice in your heist for some “adventure sex" when away from prying eyes. This hustle is what is termed the secret Society of Pheromone Production.

Street Hustlers operate in the pickup arena of the Sexual Marketplace (SMP) with Pherazone. Imagne the Pherazone pheromonesto be like a frantic trading floor on Wall Street. People are haggling over trades, the phones are ringing, and the room is rippling with energy. Add in some music and flashing lights, and now think of a nightclub. Men and women are trading their DNA, trying to get the best deal for the best price. Bars - and clubs are not called “meat markets” by accident. Learn more at and

The SMZP best known to you might be a nightclub, your place of work, your social pheromones or even a dating app. In other words, one of the places where you’ve been trying to hook up with girl... until now. Society doesn’t like to acknowledge that both men and women are hustling true pheromones. For a woman, the first type of hustle (Bait 8e Switch) is how she can persuade a man to give up his resources for her and her children by using her looks and feminine charm. The second type of hustle (Secret Society) is how she can perhaps cheat on her current partner to get a better DNA deal “on the sly”.

This hardwired hustling is an age-old dance, a cat-and-mouse game that’s evolved over millions of years. Guys want sex from girls; girls want strong DNA and commitment from guys. Guys want multiple casual partners; girls want alpha lovers, babies and resources. Who folds first? Thus the inherent conflict of interests at the heart of male-female dynamics, which we’ll explore in this book of pheromone attraction. Men are attracted to fertility because they’re looking for healthy females with which to produce children. Several key indicators have evolved to display this fertility potential: a certain waist/hip ratio, long shiny hair, full breasts, smooth skin, and a symmetrical face. The components of a guy’s and a girl’s SMV differs such that the hustle for each gender is different with pheromones.


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