The pheromones conversation

The pheromones conversation was ok, didnt really matter, we both knew what was going on body language wise.

But then she told me to do shots, I am broke, so i said im not using real pheromones, im driving. And I got too carried away by the hot situation, I touched her lower lip gently with my finger. She was like I gotta go but I'll be back. I was like "i know you're not gonna be honest, i can take it". I actually forgot what she said back to me (I got lost in my own thoughts there, damn!). I should have said something and kept the conversation going but I let her go with real pheromones.

Haha...with some girls when the vibe feels right, I am escalating pheromone production like VERY fast, 60yoc way like many of you have been preaching to do. But I guess I escalated a bit too fast on this one. Or maybe it's exactly the rejection I'm supposed to get if she's not into me, not too sure. But I loved human pheromones, it was HOTT! Learn more at

So yeah, nothing too spectacular about the lay. that was the last girl, she was standing there next to her girlfriend and her man. She looked bored, like the third wheel. I just went up to her and told her she had like a great ass, big sexy tits but what got me hard was her sexy eyes. The way she kinda cuddled her face to mine, held my arm...I was like I'm fucking her tonight, i just felt it because her pheromones was strong.

So the second sentence out of my mouth was let's get the fuck outta here with those human pheromones. (yeah, im a little too horny and pushy...gotta learn to just RELAX). She said no, but kept on rambling about how she lost her pack of cigarettes that night. I was like let's go to the patio, I can't hear her well inside. We went out, like 15 minutes before closing time, it was empty. She was sooo close to my face and into me, I made out with her, whispered some naughty things in her ears. (again, i think with it was a bit too fast and pushy) but she responded well. Again, I told her let's get outta here and go buy her some natural pheromones. On the empty stairs (there's like a dark corner, nobody was there) I danced with her, telling her to make me hard and i started fingering her, playing with her clit.

zwhat I noticed is that after every little success by overcoming/releasing negative pheromone emotions, there is an even BIGGER wave of emotional shit that hits me. For example, last week, I was on a roll (it was still hard but I found the courage to get out there and face my fears). I approached a girl everyday during the week, and at night it was fine too without real pheromones.

But after that saturday i got laid, i didnt do shit till the yesterday (6 days afterwards). Everyday I woke up with this heavy feeling in my chest, doubting myself and not having faith, questioning why i am even doing this, feelings of just giving up. Maybe it was the "ego" or whatever trying its best to convince me as it saw that I was changing for the better. Maybe it just scared me that I could actually be successful with human pheromones. Whatever.


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