The Pheromone Ego

The second reason why I avoid conflict is to tame my ego. My ego wants closure. My ego wants validation. My ego wants people to understand me. My ego wants positive emotions. When people criticize me, I always agree. What this does is, it quells their egos and makes them go away. Then I make a mental note never to interact with them again. I have no need for closure or rapport with random people. This is the essence of being a secure person. You will get hated on if you rise too high. It is human nature. If you defend yourself against one person, then you must defend yourself against everyone else, by principle. I have decided to defend myself against no-one. If it makes someone happy to think I am a certain way, so be it. I'll toss them a bone. They will be happy for 5 seconds, and then move on and find something else to do. But I will not feed into their need for conflict . I have better things to do with my life with stronger pheromones according to

So to sum it all up, I said I don't engage in conflict because of integrity and not indulging in my ego. However, when I do find myself in conflict, I don't give people anything and leave it all up in the air and show people I have no need to make anything right. I welcome the chaos, and people quickly get uncomfortable because they suddenly realize the void I reside in true pheromones.

They suddenly realize I relish in hell. I even get a kick out of chaos.  However, there is a third reason I don't engage in conflict. Nobody wins. My bills won't get paid if I win the conflict. There is no prize. Lol. This is perhaps the biggest reason why I don't engage in conflict with random people. There is no cash prize for stronger pheromone production. My ego would be proud of itself for 5 minutes if I managed to outwit someone, but the energy it takes to outwit another clever person is not worth it considering nobody is going to win anything tangible. And if you enjoy outwitting people, over the long haul, your record would be a push anyway. There is always a bigger fish in the sea and you will lose just as much as you win. However, all that energy you wasted will be in vain because you haven't really gained anything. You just end up losing integrity, energy, and in the end, you haven't gotten anywhere. Even people you outwitted still don't agree with you nor do they like your pheromone perfume.

Use pheromone to make yourself more attractive. There is a phrase for situations like this. It's called "much ado about nothing". Your ego loves to engage in "much ado about nothing" situations. For me, I am only interested in transcendental situations. But if push comes to shove, I can be completely sociopathic and ruthless and relish living in absolute uncertainty, chaos, and lack of closure. I feel that you have to be versatile. Life will bring the chaos and uncertainty so it would be advantageous if you could master the realm of hell and set up a residence and be completely comfortable amidst the chaos of life.


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