The Pheromone attraction Method

The Pheromone attraction Method is really an amazing thing, helped me deal with my breakup, self-image, "approach anxiety" and so many more things. I am so grateful to have found out about this amazing tool, but I have a lot more work to do on myself. You will get there with human pheromones. The rough times are actually a good thing. We just dont see them in the moments. Let your love for women draw you to approaching them. Dont give a fuck whether they respond favorably or not. The act of going to approach women is no different than going out for the night. Its just simple steps of action and then saying anything. Ive found that when you approach, it really doesnt matter what you say, rather that you say something. Doesnt need to be clever or whatever it can even be stupid. As long as you say something. That allows for the interaction to start. You’ll be fine. Keep going and using strong pheromone perfume cologne. Learn more at

Thanks for your encouragement for real pheromones. I am actually loving all your posts on TP, what you write makes so much sense...maybe because you do a good job of connecting releasing, giving love and approval and this whole getting better with women thing by just letting your love for them shine through without natural pheromones.

I'd be really motivated if you stopped by my journal from time to time and tell me what you think as I go through this journey. Also I'd love to hear what you have to say about being curious about women, because I do not speak a lot around women, and feel like I don't know what to say to them with natural pheromone scents.

This probably came out as me kissing theheathen's ass LOL but reading his posts actually helped me get my nervousness/fear down to a level I can actually deal with it. Since I am giving thanks, I want to thank Francisco too, my release partner, thanks for being there hermano.

Enough with the sentimental shit, I'll make a post before going out tonight about my pheromone attraction goals. No problem at all. Yes I do use that as my biggest asset in talking and communicating to women with real pheromones. I let my love for them push me to approaching. Since I love women then it becomes easy. I also own my love for them so that whatever they say to me or how they react to me doesnt matter. I own that love for them. Nothing or nobody can take that away from me. Therefore no matter what... I smile on no matter if they are interested in me or not. That love for them is always there.

About curiosity and how that helps with talking to them about human pheromones. I just ask whats the first thing that comes to my mind that Im curious about them and then listen. I dont put my two cents in about it. Or try to relate. I just let my curiosity for them take over. That again stems from my love for them and also from just wanting to know who they are. Just because they are hot doesnt necessarily mean they are somebody Id want to hang with.


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