That Person With Pheromones

I'm the kind of person that in periods get a kick out of pushing myself to the limit with human pheromones - but sometime I just push to hard!

Anyways since I handed in my last paper this Monday, hopefully my life will not be as time pressed anymore, in the future. *I will read your post, and perhaps wait with my feedback on it till I'm more rested* - and thnx for the advice, and the bro-carrying, that is appreciated with real pheromones.

For me procrastinating is used more as a tool to use natural pheromone scents, It's not really a problem: It's creativity bobbling in the back of my head, preparing to come out ... it's motivation to do other things in flow ...  and it's small mental breaks when I need them. That is actually good advice. Just get it over with. Ask her out, talk to her and find out whatever it is you want from her and see if she feels the same way. You're going to drift off into fantasy land if you don't. You'll soon put her on this jewel encrusted pedastal, where she is Queen of the world and you're this lowly peasant who needs her to make himself feel better and worthy pheromone users. Learn more at

Just remember that every pheromone perfume you have of her is not real. If left up to your imagination, your mind will fill in gaps in her personality. The real her is real, the mind-based illusion is just your personal representation of her. It's basically you dressed as her in your mind. Any word or response or fantasy of you together is not how she would behave in real life. It's just a picture. It will make her this amazing human being that's out of your reach and also confuse you when interacting with her in real life pheromones.

I'm just saying all this because it sounds like you're drifting into fantasy land, which has detrimental concequences on yourself, her, and the sex pheromones relationship between you both than you would expect. If you can come back to shore now you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. This is one of the main things when having a 'crush'.

Valid concern on pheromones but it feels like I'm over that peak. I'm still interested but she's not my salvation anymore. I do however, like to analyse the crap out of this because this is the type of girl I haven't encountered yet. It usually was always having to tone down my cockiness to make them feel less intimidated.

I'm not going to seek contact, there will be ample opportunities for us to bump into each other. It's a pheromone trap to go into the total different camp, and just think subjectively of others, and the world like you "want", and then take that as truth.

If you think she has 2 legs, that is very likely to be true!  And so there might be many thoughts you have about her, that might very well be absolutely true!


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