Taking it Easy With Pheromones

There are as many reasons a single mother is a single mother as there are single mothers... it's sad, twisted, small-minded and bitter cunts who paint them all with the same brush and label them all essentially as 'whores' and 'leeches' who adore human pheromones.

I'm not even sticking up for women here, though it might seem like it because pheromones make a huge difference.

I'm trying to get the fucking message through to these fucking men... it doesn't MATTER the shit they do!! You stand on your own two feet, run under your own steam and DO NOT CARE what they think regarding pheromones. Learn more at http://www.marshallfordelegate.com/sports-news/they-are-little-pheromone-games/ and http://www.ludilire.fr/not-using-pheromones/

Some dudes have gotten a raw fucking deal and there are some horror stories... that can't be denied. But ultimately a Man is responsible for himself and his situation. Sometimes he's been unfortunate enough to have gone along with feminine society without a strong male role model for long enough it's REALLY fucked him up... some guys can't be saved.

But I'd say confidently everyone reading this doesn't fall into that category. Notice how these women seem to be born with this built in wisdom?

'You're punishing a cat for being a cat'.... beautifully said.

Women are incredibly useful, no more fickle than Men and have every bit as much faith as a Man does as well. Whoever told you otherwise should fuck off. If you've arrived at that conclusion yourself, please allow yourself to pretend it's not true for long enough to explore what that might be like because you're creating a dangerous perspective for yourself, I promise with better pheromones.

It's far too easy to reduce women to stupid animals, instead of taking responsibility for not being enough to get the best from them. Modern Women pheromones can totally be that, because women haven't changed nearly as much as men have over the past 50 years. Women didn't become more masculine at nearly the rate men became more feminine.

Don't 'use' Women on priniciple, in a sense of reducing them to empty bodies.
Use the experience of being with a Woman for something great.

A Woman can be an incredible partner... an equal, but an opposite... a great Woman will challenge you, keep you from ever being lazy and she will push, support and encourage you to be your best.

However yes - You must get your self-fulfilment from yourSELF... that is part of your masculine mission... and don't rely on them. Just allow them to enrich and augment your life. There are many, many intensely beautiful mature women. I saw two in the past 2-3 days I found myself just wanting to look at, watch them smile, kiss lightly on the corner of their lips and kiss their necks.

I remember a few years ago in Wales, I saw a woman with two children and long grey hair, and she was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen, I was absolutely fixed on her. She was gorgeous.

It's true - the older a woman gets, the more likely she'll have secured herself with a good man. There are always exceptions though and many women aren't happily married either. Don't look to ruin relationships obviously. Exercise good judgement and don't be a cunt.

But yeah, you can totally get girls in their 20s and probably should wit better pheromones.


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