Taking a break from pheromone studies

Taking a break from pheromone studies to write this...friday during school i saw this girl who usually works for the pheromones research department of the univeristy.

I used to see her everyday last year coz she worked in the spot i used to study, i always thought she was really sexy. redhead, nice ass. So i went upto her and told her she was super sexy, i think she was into me too. But this time, instead of bailing out, i made a statement before leaving. So that's one thing I added is she loved my pheromone scent.

I think she wanted to talk to me some more but I was nervous and she was a bit hesitant at first so I kinda got even more nervous lool. So I left. But I felt happy that I could approach a girl that I had a crush on. I remember I used to sit there everyday and wonder when I'd have the balls to approach her with real pheromone cologne. Definite success/improvement.
Been kind of a pussy, although I have been approaching 4-5 times as much in the past month or two than in the last 3 years. I'm not gonna go in detail about what I'm gonna do, this is just to keep myself accountable and to keep taking action with pheromone cologne.

Tonight: Going out to a bar where there's this sexy shooter girl, my goal for tonight is telling her she has the sexiest fuckin' eyes ever. I really mean this, and maybe get her name. Also talk 1 more girl i find cute or whatever. I'm scared because I feel like I'm not attractive enough and she will reject me if I don’t use pheromones. Learn more at http://eyesopensports.com/overview-of-my-pheromones/ 

I can't keep a conversation going, I'm more of the quiet type. I also realize this is something I have been imprinting in myself as an affirmation. The more I tell my brain I am not talkative, the more I become that way. So I'll ask her what she does (school/work), and if I dunno what to say, I'll just play the questions game for a bit and then leave. Will update later tonight with natural pheromone colognes.

Lots of cute girls, shooter girl wasn't there. Took me an hour and a half to approach, not scared but VERY VERY hesitant. Finally talked to a girl, exchanged names, saw her a few times at another bar, so we talked about that for like 20 seconds. Some guy came around her and she seemed to turn cold then, they were dancing together later lol. Asked for a kiss on the cheek, got cheek to cheek haha.

Oh well, I am disappointed coz i wanted to talk to waayyy more girls but I guess it's ok. A few months ago I wouldn't have made a move at all.. Didn't get going right away, took me like 30 mins to start approaching the real pheromones. Approached 4 girls throughout the whole night and tried dancing with like 3-4 more. The ones I talked to I kinda told them they were cute/sexy/adorable judging on how they made me feel. When I got a boyfriend objection or whatever, I just said something out of the blue like "i love ice cream too". But it seemed like they didnt want to talk to me or whatever, so I just left.


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