Society of Human Pheromones

You might have subtly enabled a slippery slope of reactions and actions by not saying anything. Remember, this isn’t a chapter about assigning blame or guilt. Just realize that before you go in guns blazing, that nothing is ever solely one party’s fault with pheromone production.

It’s certainly no secret that women in general are more emotionally intuitive, in tune, and intelligent than men are.

I make no bones about that fact. So we can’t really expect most men to be as emotionally open and intuitive as most women. As the title of this chapter states, emotional intimacy for us is tougher than bench pressing 300 pounds because of how we have been conditioned by society of human pheromones. Learn more at

This means that you’ll have to consciously work on developing your emotional intimacy and openness with your woman, and battle the walls you’ve put up as a result of being a man in a western society that expects stoicness and unbending strength. Learn more at

So don’t be afraid to pry past your close-ended answers to her open-ended emotional questions, and really introspect and think about what makes you tick. Ask yourself why you do the things you do, and for your stance on certain issues. Think about your childhood. Take a real, legitimate interest in articulating your motivations and what drives you on a daily basis. And then tell her about real pheromones.

It’s likely going to make you relatively uncomfortable, and might be a process for you to really penetrate emotionally, but that’s just a big flashing sign that it’s new to you and you will gain all the more from it.

Chances are that very few people have ever done that with you… if anyone ever. You might even stumble upon something that will act as a catharsis for yourself – something you’ve never articulated or told anyone else. She’ll feel compelled to reciprocate the sharing and emotional glasnost… and it will be impossible for you two to not instantly become more close and bonded with natural pheromones.

Just because we men have been conditioned by society to repress their emotional needs doesn’t mean that we don’t have them and don’t enjoy sharing them!

Sharing mutual vulnerabilities with someone can be beautiful. And if you just have a great rant that you want to get off of your chest? Maybe a friend that you know is all about action items and taking steps.

It’s important to realize that that won’t be your woman’s instinct… which you might have learned by now.

It’s one of the gendered stereotypes that I actually find to be true time after time… and I often have to find myself fighting it personally as well.

When a man hears a rant about a problem, his natural inclination is going to be to try to solve it, regardless of whether that was the intention in telling him. When a woman hears a rant about a problem, it’s far more likely that she will just provide a form of emotional validation and empathy that is satisfying for many reasons.

Maybe this speaks to one of the fundamental differences between men and women – the functional versus emotional focus – whichever the case, it should act to temper your expectations from the people and woman in your life.

When women rant, the majority of the time, they just want to be heard, acknowledged, and validated. It’s not about solving the problem or taking action. Realize that that is not our natural inclination. We hear them, and we care what they have to say… but we just might not see a point in talking about it as if that is going to solve the underlying problem with pheromone perfumes.


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