season-long pheromones trial

The success of the season-long pheromones trial was measured in terms of fruit infestation before and at harvest, and the numbers of codling males trapped at EEOH or virgin female-baited traps. No trapping results are presented, but fruit infestation in the treated areas was 0.5% and that of the control plots 4 to 9%. Pheromones reduced fruit damage to the same extent as EEOH.

These experiments provide useful preliminary information but are inadequate for a critical pheromone assessment of the effectiveness of chopped fiber treatments. It will be necessary to acquire information on the distribution of serially applied fibers within the tree. Well the pheromone context is also important. This was a student group, this was a room filled with people she's going to be working with for the next three years. I'm sure eyes were fixed on us simply because we were two hot attractive people getting it on in the center of the dance floor. I don't mind the attention but I can totally get behind her not wanting to jeopardize her pheromones reputation with a guy she only knew for one minute and forty-five seconds.

I'm sure Tokamak's image of her represents he physical features somewhat accurately due to natural pheromone production, like the colour of her hair, her features etc, but I mean with her personality. If he as almost all men do imagine her in fantasy situations, the fantasy woman's responses and the way she behaves, and what happens in these fantasies is just simply fantasy. Learn more at and

It could happen with or without our natural pheromone production, and the way she behaves may be similar to how she acts in real life, but the only 'real' thing there is what actually happens. I'll carry on with what I was saying before but also say it's not really bad, but it creates a lot of attachment, it makes her seem way more amazing than she is because we can choose her responses, and we can become needy because we end up really liking her without having anything tangible happen in real life. Lean more at

In fact some guys fall in love with women they've never met or only met for a short while, and they hhardly ever end up with the woman for all the reasons I list. I think it creates neediness if you think about her all the time and analyze every interaction and how to 'get' her. I used to do it when I was younger and found out that if the woman just say's "no" to you asking her out then it just ends all the misery and you can move on, otherwise you think about her, fantasize, get jealous when you see her with other guys, etc etc, and if she says "yes" at least there's something tangible and real pheromone usages.

Some guys can get lost in their minds without anything happening in real life. This is maybe a silly example but it's like at the end of Inception when he's talking to the projection of his wife, the memory he had of his wife that died isn't her, and it will never be her.


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