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Any productive conversation, even an argument, needs to be able to flow without being sidetracked or stopped cold in its tracks on how pheromones work.

Imagine a brainstorming session at work. The number one rule of brainstorming is that all ideas are accepted, and that nothing is dismissed or discounted immediately. When that train is interrupted, negativity ensues, creative juices dry up, and judgment worms its way into a place where it has no right to be using cheap pheromones.

Let’s lead this chapter back to you and your woman who adores pheromones. Learn more at

When you’re having any sort of disagreement with your woman pheromone perfume, you know what stops the productive nature? Leading with “no.” Denying what she says is true, telling her that she’s flat out wrong, or simply dismissing her concerns as crazy or invalid. Telling her she’s crazy. I’d bet every burrito for the rest of my life that she’s done the same to you, and what has your reaction been to that? Probably outrage and frustration? Learn more at

So when you do things like that, you’ll do much more than stop the productive nature. Leading so negatively in response to your woman will at the very least upset her, if not encourage her to defend himself… and can eventually lead to incredible tension anytime your woman seeks to bring up an issue or begin a confrontation. It injects an adversarial tone into any conversation – what’s the point of that pheromone spray? Learn more at

It’s one of those slippery slopes where you don’t even realize you’re on a path to a jarring lack of communication until you realize you haven’t been able to productively discuss an issue for 6 months.

The way to avoid even venturing near that slippery slope is simple – don’t lead with any variation of “no.” If she wants to talk to you about something negative, recognize the courage and hutzpah that it took for her to bring it up to you at all. Wouldn’t it take you a lot?

Impose a “no interruptions” rule to allow her to say her piece in whole, and allow you to actually listen without defending yourself immediately. By this point, you may have noticed one of my communication themes throughout.

It’s to attempt to remove emotion from arguments and decision-making, because they aren’t beneficial to the goal at hand, and it’s something that makes women shut down or reply with anger. The logical, emotion-less Vulcans of Star Trek lore probably had really great, productive disagreements.

And that’s exactly what this chapter addresses. Emotional outbursts in arguments or decisions just don’t lead to good things. Like that saying “Nothing good happens after 2AM”… or conversely “Only good things happen after 2AM,”… “Nothing good happens in emotional arguments  on how pheromones work for men.” Criticism is and should be a two-way street.

A lot of the tips in this book are going to be about how you communicate criticism in the context of a healthy relationship… but of course that’s only half the battle. The other half is how you open yourself up to it, accept it, and separate constructive elements from it to learn from it.


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