Real Life Pheromone Issues

There are even websites that claim all that matters is looks and money. The guys posting on those websites have no rites of passage to survive and conquer human pheromone production. They are stuck between the stages of adolescence and manhood and don't know how to make that leap. So they spend all their time trolling online talking about how futile it is if you are not handsome or rich pheromones.

Don't be like them. Go through your rites of passage. Turn your back on the outside world and go within. Find your inner voice and wisdom. Like Tristan Ludlow from "Legends of The Fall", there is an inner voice that calls out to you.

Women can always tell when a man has gone through a rites of passage. There is a different vibe about him. He has a look of redemption in his eyes. Like the hero who returns to the village he grew up in, only this time, he is a different person. There is a quiet confidence and calm demeanor about a man who has gone through a rites of passage of true pheromones according to

Every man's rites of passage is different. If you are unsure what yours is, you can't go wrong with working out hardcore everyday, pursuing spirituality and enlightenment, and educating your mind. Mind, body, and soul. When all 3 levels are operating at their optimal potential, you become fit to be leader of a tribe pheromones. Interestingly i was at a place for a while with good circumstances where i received a lot of abundance, lot of sex pheromones.

Now being back after a week sexdrive came back and it felt like i never was at this place of abundance. Like it never happened.  On one hand right now i kinda wish being back at this place, on the other hand it seems senseless, like just being on a drug trip for the rest of life, or having sex for the rest of life - senseless joy. Guess i didn't get the full lesson.

"If your problems are approach anxiety, self esteem, and trying to figure out what to say, you will never become successful with women in a million years. The reason why is because the predominant figure in your life is women. Women don't want guys who are chasing them. They want guys who chase after greatness. Guys who are uber masculine, with REAL LIFE issues. Like the President of the United States trying to stop North Korea from nuking the world. Women know romance is petty. And there isn't a bigger tool than a man who devotes his life to petty romance. Even in movies, romance is a side theme, not the main theme. The hero overcomes obstacles, and as a side theme, gets the girls pheromones.  The pheromone community has created an epidemic of manchildren with no greater purpose than to attain validation from females. You're not supposed to seek validation. You're not supposed to change your personality. You're supposed to own who you are, and dominate the reality around you."


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