Prosperity With Pheromones

Although there are a few reasons that allowed me to be free and be more of myself and attract more love and adoration from David, and more passion and love in my relationship, at the heart of these reasons is one simple principal that I now strive to live by every single day with natural pheromones.

It's a principal that I share with you because you've been with us for a while, and I trust you to receive this well. It is not something I can present to the general public or to my every day readers, because it makes people angry, and it takes an enormous amount of self growth and evolving to understand it and embrace it. This is not to say I am so evolved and have grown so much; not at all. In fact, I have a whole lifetime times l,OOO and more to grow. I am only at the beginning stages of pheromone production.

I will share with you the one principal at the heart of it all first, and then I'll share with you the more "logical" reasons why I am able to not fear being cheated on by a man. Learn more at

I wasn't put on this earth for me. I can feel intense pain, and still there are billions of people out there who don't care. There are a small number of my friends and family who do, but ultimately, my pain counts for just me, just one person in real pheromones.

Here is what I mean: as humans, We get so caught up in our own Wants, desires, needs and drama that We turn completely selfish and make life miserable for the ones We love most human pheromones.

But ultimately, the only reason I am here is because of evolution. And evolution has its own plans. And for me to think that I can sit here and control every single little outcome of everything in my relationship, and to think I could control everything that happens to me is stupid. I simply can't.

See, when I began to really research deeply in to the area of human relationships, dating, and the mating game, I really came to learn that there are things at work Without us even doing anything. We fall in love because it benefits evolution of true pheromones.

We fall in love because we needed to in order for the species to evolve. The human baby is so vulnerable, that nature had to find evolve a way for humans to stay together for at least long enough to raise a small child together. If that small child was raised, then there are more chances of our species surviving.

Now, none of these facts change how happy I am or how beautiful an experience life. It really is (because it really is, I simply love life), but it does change the way I approach my fears.

No matter how much I will myself to avoid being hurt in a relationship, and no matter how much I try to talk about how I am against cheating, nothing changes this fact:


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