properly with human pheromones

Some of the biggest and most important conversations have a way of acting like zombies. You think they’re done, but they still linger and come back to haunt you because you haven’t slain them properly with human pheromones.

Most of the time this is because issues have not been resolved in a satisfactory manner. But guess what? Some issues just aren’t going to be, no matter how much you want them to be or how much you have logic and reason on your side. She will definitely feel the same about you at times using cheaper pheromone perfume.

So how do you keep arguments and recurring issues from being zombies and continually haunting you? It’s simple – agree to disagree. Know when you’re at a standstill and talking to a wall, and just agree to disagree on that pheromone issue. Learn more at

It’s tough to do when potentially big stakes are at hand, and there certainly are not issues you CAN agree to disagree on, but we all know that most issues merely come down to preferences and bickering about his pheromones.

To change the mindset of accepting that you can’t change everything, imagine how you speak and converse with your boss or a co-worker. You wouldn’t keep attempting to change their mind once the put their foot down, and you would simply be forced to accept the case and move forward. You wouldn’t disrespect or yell at them.

Moving forward is a state of mind that is a sign of a balanced relationship. If you can’t respect your woman or her opinions on an issue enough to not keep trying to convince him otherwise, there are some serious underlying issues with your pheormones.

Of course, some things cannot be compromised or agreed away – but which of those hard dealbreakers are you really dealing with, and what are you just squabbling about?

Pick your battles carefully. Not just for psychiatrists anymore! Turns out there is a good reason they use this phrase constantly, though. It’s because it actually forces people to be introspective and think out loud about their motivation and desires – a process that almost none of us engage in on any sort of regular basis.

More commonly, it’s known as a communication technique called active listening, and when done correctly, can lead someone to open up to you in ways they never thought possible… because they’ve never done it to themselves either.

When you practice active listening on your woman, prepare to gain some serious insight into why she does the things she does, and who she is on her deepest levels. Such insight into your woman is key to connecting on a deep level and cementing your relationship as a partnership, as opposed to a surface-level pheromones relationship.

It’s really quite something to see, how simply paraphrasing someone’s words and putting forth assumptions based on what they’ve said invariably makes them elaborate their position and clarify it on a deeper level to show their underlying thoughts.

And if you go through the process long enough and ask the right questions, you can suddenly end up at the root cause of someone’s insecurities or intentions. Who doesn’t want to share such a deep bond with them.


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