Playing With Pheromones

And it has to be there, otherwise nobody would get laid without pheromones. So, I take her to the Karaoke. So, if you are looking at the lay report the line here is. “Hey, x - bar has karaoke let’s go make fun of some people.” The other thing to points out is, I roll into my comfort stack, “First Child Brings Surge of Ambition and Let Grandma Buy You Some New Jeans.”

Now, at this point in my development of human pheromones, those two were probably messing me up. They were good for comfort but they were not so good for pure SNL game. Because when you tell stories like “First Child Brings Surge of Ambition and Let Grandma Buy You Some New Jeans.” there is a little bit of a hint of relationship there. Getting to know me too much as a deep person.

 So, I can begin to bring up some pheromone perfume problems, which we will see here. So, right after that, my line is, "She keeps qualifying herself to me. Every sentence is a qualifier. She compliments me about 100 times." So, what's going on there, now, she wants me to tell her that she is a valid player in the game of pheromone attraction according to

I have just hit her with these new pheromone perfumes and confuse the dynamic little bit. Is this purely sexual thing? Is this a dating thing? Are you looking for a girlfriend? So, she is little bit confused there, that's why the qualifying is happening at this point. Qualifying is her trying to pass first dynamic or the second.

But, she is trying to say," Okay, I am player. Right ? Am I a Player?" It's more of a question whenever girls qualifying you. So, after , little bit longer then I take her back to her place. 5:00 min And then I got less pheromone spray and then we closed the deal.

But, that’s really what I wanted to show you is that. Even though this was a lay, I made it so much more difficult because of all this comfort stuff that I went through in there. And it was even there on the original day, on the original meet as w ell I wasn't clear so, if you wanna look at that, in the first part I say "I do bait - hook - reel - release and as she’s feeling the effects I go back into rapport via the Question Game."

Alright, so that right there, the game of pheromone attraction, if you don't do it right , can be very confusing, if you start off on a sexual pheromones and then you go into a question game that is more rapport based.

Then you get confusion on the dynamics and you don't get the lay that night. And then you have a hell of a time on the day 2. I mean, I wouldn't say this was a hell of a time, but it was, you know, I had to take her out of the apartment and go all the way till midnight in order to get her back to her place.

So, those are signs, if a girl starts qualify herself to you, she is basically saying, "Ami I the person wearing androstenone pheromones, are we playing this game together?" So, the thing you want to do when a girl is qualifying is go back immediately and clarify the game that you are playing. Go back, if you are playing SNL, go back and play sexual.


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