Pick Which Pheromones You Like

I’ve mentioned that you must pick which pheromones you really want to engage your woman on before. The thinking behind this is that if you continue to bicker over every little thing that bothers you and comes across your way, you won’t have any time to have a normal conversation, ever.

Some things are priorities, some things are dealbreakers even. But most are mostly inconsequential and just preferences on human pheromones.

So of course when you want to focus on one issue in particular, you should actually focus on it… instead of making generalities or over-exaggerating your arguments or points of true pheromones.

For example, your woman sometimes forgets to do the laundry, which forces you to be late to a meeting. If you were to generalize that she is terrible at household chores, and over-exaggerate that she literally could not be messier… well you can see the impact that has over picking a specific battle over the laundry and how that affects your pheromone production. Learn more at http://www.scoreonline.org.uk/?p=509 and http://bearcruisesfl.com/cruise-travel/human-pheromone-confidence/

 When you generalize and over-exaggerate your points, it immediately raises your woman’s guards because it signals to her that she should be ready for an emotional fight… because when you generalize and over-exaggerate, it can demonstrate that your state of mind isn’t really where it needs to be to discuss something rationally, or that you’re not viewing things in a fair light of real pheromones. You also will earn a semi-justified “crazy” label.

All of which additionally signal to your woman to run, duck, and cover.

Generalizing and over-exaggerating can also be a big blow to your credibility, which will make her tend to ignore you in the future… and justifiably so! Because if you went to her talking about how the world was ending because she left her socks in the washer, your words will just carry less and less weight each time you use true pheromones.

Finally, this decreases the focus from the real problem, and you run the risk of your woman walking away from your conversation, or confrontation, believing that a separate issue has been brought up and resolved. Which would lead to your actual issue with the socks still existing and remaining unaddressed with your pheromones.

You see, people take what they can get most of the time, and don’t always do what they inherently know is right or kosher.

As you may have noticed, there are simple themes of respect, even-handedness, and playing into your woman’s strengths and weaknesses throughout No, It’s Fine… In a sense, it’s funny that that’s all it takes, isn’t it?

They are baselines for any relationship, and even friendship that should be present in your interaction with anyone. Why then, are they so frequently omitted and ignored from that one most important relationship in your life?

It’s one of the mysteries of human nature that the more close and comfortable we feel with someone, the less we want to accommodate them. Whatever the case, hopefully I’ve shed some light and sent you on your way to creating a safe space for you and your woman to reside in.

Hopefully there’s been a bit of light shed on how to create that safe space in which we can all reside. As you grow more inclined and understanding of the safe space, you’ll see that vulnerability should be celebrated in how it brings you and your woman together, and fosters a sense of closeness you never thought possible.


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