Pheromones Work In All Situations

Pheromones work in all situations. If you keep screaming bloody murder anytime something happens just so you can get your way, pretty soon people will catch on… and ignore you when you’re actually in trouble.

How exactly does this apply to your relationship with your woman? It’s the false ultimatum that pops up from time to time using unscented pheromones.

If you’re deep in an argument and you find yourself replying with “Well, we need to break up then” or “This just isn’t working” out of frustration, then you’re probably familiar with it. The real intent behind those statements as used isn’t quite what they sound like to your woman, but she’ll hear exactly one of two things.

First, she’ll either assume that you are being serious, and retreat into repair and apologize mode. This can be helpful and cathartic sometimes, but most of the times it just leads to the true issue at hand being ignored and swept under the rug. Not productive, and borderline manipulative pheromone production. Learn more at

 Second, she’ll know that you don’t mean it because she’s heard your fake ultimatums before. This will cause her to grow angry because you’re holding your relationship hostage in an argument, and it will make her really consider the consequences of what you’re suggesting which pheromones to use!

She knows you’re doing it just to get an edge or make some point. You will also lose credibility with any threats you use if you fail to follow through on it at all.

Hence you become the manfriend who cries wolf just to get his way… and when there is a real issue, it will be ignored because it will get lumped in with the rest of the false alarms on why pheromones work.

These are statements that are usually made in the heat of the moment, but it’s important to realize that for every action, there will be a reaction just as strong.

Both of the reactions I discussed above aren’t ones that you want pervading your relationship. I’m going to repeat the title of this chapter a few times throughout, and I might as well start here with the better pheromones.

No issue that you have with your woman is 100% her fault, and you are at least 1% to blame.

It’s a sometimes startling and powerful realization that nothing is solely your woman’s fault, and that you may have contributed to it in some way, however indirect. Learn more at

Early in my experience with relationships, I attempted to take the stance of being the cool boyfriend who never set any boundaries for the women I was with. I thought I would be the envy of all of my girlfriend’s friends by doing so, and that such freedom was unprecedented and would let her appreciate me more if I used Pherazone pheromones.

I never checked up on her or asked where she was going, when she would return, or who she would be seeing.

The rest is a story that you’ve probably heard before. She began to take advantage of my lack of boundaries and confrontation, and where I thought she might never do such things out of respect to me, there it was in front of my face.

Was it her fault for lacking the empathy to appreciate what I was trying to do for her? Perhaps. But as much as I want, I can’t in good faith place full blame on her because I shied away from any opportunity to remedy the situation before it got out of hand.

I knew it was happening, but preferred to see if she would come to her senses. I was to blame for that – error by omission.


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