Pheromones work for all type of men

Pheromones work for all type of men. The usual gut reaction to pickup pheromones artists is to label them as “rogue _ traders" whose hustle is “manipulative,” “dark” or “unfair.” In reality, ‘ raising your real or perceived natural pheromones is the very definition of playing the 2 Game of life. Guys buy Ferraris, girls buy fake boobs. Guys wear fancy : watches and other status badges, girls wear make—up. Guys dazzle f with confidence, girls dazzle with short skirts. One side needs the , other in the co-evolving eternal arms race. Learn more at

A very small percentage of guys on the planet who use pheromones pull off the second hustle of getting casual sex from girls who happily go along for the ride without wanting a relationship in return. These men somehow “get it” and manage consistently to flip girls into the pheromone selection strategy. They subtly signal their intent by the way they walk, talk, flirt, twinkle their eyes... and lead. Girls instinctively know that they’re in the so called Secret Society of Pheromones.

Street Hustling all about improving your advantage over the house. ; Think of it like learning so-called “basic strategy” in blackgjack, and ? knowing how to count cards as depicted in the book “Bringing Down ' the House" (Mezrich, 2003). This is the true story of the nerdy MIT students who gave Vegas a. run for its money by using maths to give them a. 7% advantage in human pheromones. Though not strictly illegal at the time. this could get you banned from casinos or taken to a back room for a beating. To avert suspicion, the MIT team had to be smart by acting drunk, flirting with waitresses, and charming pit bosses. Their hustle, much like ours, was an art as well as a science.

At the start of your pheromone journey, it’s likely you’ll be focused on pulling off the first type of Bait Switch hustle by trying to sleep with as many girls as possible. But pretending to be the best boyfriend, and then doing a runner, makes you feel bad. So you’ll then start focusing on the second type of hustle in which you give girls the adventurous no-strings Secret Society sex pheromones without promising anything in return. Learn more at and

Also be warned that, just as casinos really don't like it when you win, , girls really don’t like it when you run away after sex pheromones. And society doesn't like it when you get a girl from a cold approach by bypassing the traditional dating methods. Hustlers of every kind get so drawn into their pheromone attraction schemes that it can quickly go firom being a fun escapade to a dark addiction. Just think of Paul Newman in The Hustler, Al Pacino in Scarface, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

People tend to remember the razzle dazzle and early successes of the protagonists in these films, and forget that all these films have shocking endings. Reading about the dark world of pimping also reminds us that the hustle can go far too far.


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