Pheromones Update

Tonight I want to make sure when i am going up to a girl without using human pheromones, I get her total attention before saying anything to her. I sometimes just touch her and start talking to her, close the gap and kind of whisper in her ear.

Now, I want to make sure we make eye contact after she feels my touch, smile, then say something. I want to project my voice instead of yelling into her ear. I know for a fact body language is massive, so might as well correct it right from the start with true human pheromones.

Also I want to be attempt having a longer conversation with her, even if it's just a couple of seconds more. I want to talk to at least 5 girls, doesn't sound like much, but i feel it's a reasonable and challenging enough number of approaches for me. Will update later tonight or tomorrow. Learn more at

Pheromones Update

Approached 3 girls tonight. Didn't completely fulfill my goals, but I was tired and out of it, so I am satisfied. SHOW UP EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO, right? Pheromones increase sexual attraction through the VNO.

One of them kind of responded well, she was smiling and happy, but she said she couldn't leave her girlfriend. Told the girlfriend I was gonna borrow her for 5 minutes, but she wouldn't let me lol. Tried staying in set, saying random stuff, "I thought you were a nice girl but now you're giving me attitude." Talked for a few seconds and then left for more pheromones..

The two other girls didn't give me the time of day. haha, it's ok, I hope that I'm slowly developing a tough skin against rejection. I don't take it in a bad way as before, although it still makes me a little sad. Use pheromones to dramatically increase your pheromone production.

I was flirtling with this shooter girl I find cute, but she's like on a mission to make me buy a shot from her. I don't want to be her customer, so I always turn her down, don't drink that much anyways. I told her "I'll buy you shots when we go out together". She replied telling me I'd be a cheap date hahaha. I told her I'd talk to her later, when she's in a better mood, and kissed her hand.

This fucking journal is probably gonna be filled with posts like this, with nothing concrete happening I guess. But I'm gonna keep going out, I'm committed to getting this sorted out. I guess I am just average looks wise and I am really short compared to other people, and I sometimes believe that I will get rejected way more than other guys, that girls won't like me that much. Gotta release more on that, and more of giving love and approval to myself. I love the power of pheromone perfumes.


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