Pheromones Recovery

However, probably most of them, I do. However, what we gonna do is, am gonna go through this and am going to point out some of the violations of the game dynamic or some of the things that I did wrong through the course of this because, she was pretty....pretty down, that's why I call this pheromone report.

Ok , so half way down, if you can find the paragraph GIGANTOR begins to stir....that is CJ speak for, "am gettin g turned on." I say, "So what do you do? She says," Am a nurse...ER nurse all of us are ( pointing to a group of about 6 hotties who are still watching us).

So, cool, if you guys aren't writing field reports or pheromone reports, START! Because I can remember this, like I was there. Because I wrote it, I think may be the next day after that.

Maybe even that night. And now I am re - reading it. It's like a back the record, remember people’s faces sitting on the tables, it was awesome. So, then I say, "Oh good another bottle of pheromone spray." Now this is after we had been talking for a little while. May be few minutes. "So what d o you do? And I say," Oh god another nurse. She say, “what ?" And I just shake my head, she say, “what ?" I used to date an ER nurse, she was always stressed out! Learn more about pheromones at

Okay, so what am I doing there , well. When I am starting to cast little bit of down on number 1, pheromone attraction rules: She is the player that I wanna play with. So, what does she comes back with. "I don't get stressed out."

Okay, so now what is she trying to do? She is trying to recover from those powerful pheromone colognes. I just know somebody probably not any of you guys, but I know just some people out there who would probably say, "Oh no, what is shit test, she is not agreeing with u." Learn more at

Whatever man this is, she is, "I don't get stressed out" Okay, so then what do I do? I say , "But it was so cute because she was so nurturing more pheromone production. One night we were hanging out watching a movie and I was going to pick up some food for us as I was leaving she rushed over and said, “Oh no you can’t go out there without your jacket.” Okay, and then she says, "yeah, I guess all nurses are like that."

Okay, so here, a lot of guys would mistake this, and it could be mistaken by the female pheromones too as an LTR tech frame. However that little routine does have a different purpose. That routine is actually to begin to highlight the feminine aspect. Nurturing is a feminine aspect. And most of the females especially nurses or ER nurses are actually have to subminine work with pheromone energy.

So, they are actually conditioned in todays' society. Their pheromones traits are actually lot more valued than their feminine traits. So, one of the things that I do. I don't think I have talked about this a whole lot, is I spend time actually valuing their feminine traits.


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