Pheromones Preface

Let’s preface this chapter: it’s no one’s fault when they can’t control their physical reactions. No one should feel guilty about them or hate themselves for appearing weak or otherwise less than optimal. They are simply a true reflection of how we feel inside, and that is never a negative trait or ability to boost natural pheromone production. Learn more at and

This chapter isn’t to admonish anyone or insist that people stop having feelings like a robot.

This chapter is simply to lay out what your woman’s physical reactions mean, and how you will probably feel compelled to react to them.

The chief example that I’m referring to is her tears and crying. Crying in most contexts and conversations with your woman is going to trigger some very strong emotions within you. Tears will instantly put you into a state of mind where you wants to stem the bleeding and stop the hurting.

You will want to comfort her, take care of her, and assert that things will be just fine after all. You will hug you and stroke her hair, and direct her attention to happier things like puppies and rainbows.

All this is to say that most we men are extremely unprepared to deal with the flowing tears of a woman. Learn more at and

This is nice and sweet of us, of course. But it is always going to detract from the issue at hand in one of two ways. It’s either going to pacify the situation without actually addressing it, or it’s going to blow it out of proportion and make us think that it was a bigger issue than it might have actually been.

Other physical reactions might include her raising her voice inadvertently, closing off physically and posturally, sniffling, angry gestures… the list goes on with cheap pheromone perfumes.

It’s not something that they can help, but knowing the consequences of their physical reactions can help us men understand the bigger picture of a conversation or argument and how each party is feeling at the moment… and possibly re-direct back to the real issue at hand.

Let’s bring this back to earth and demonstrate what it actually means to you and your womans pheromones.

When you appeal to something that she identifies with – that she thinks she is good at and likes being good at – she will engage in acts that strengthen that identity.

Broken down a little bit more, if she likes to think she is crafty, and you appeal to her sense of craftiness and being good with her hands, you will be able to make her fix things around the house and crochet doilies because that will preserve her perception of pheromones. Your woman will first be flattered, feminine, then feel compelled to live up to her self-perception.

The better you get at this, the more it will start feeling like a Jedi mind trick. Throw that pesky manipulation word to the wind, and realize that this is simple human nature, because identity is a painful thing to waver on and see falter.

“Honey, I know you’re amazingly crafty and handy and value being able to take care of things on your own, could you please look at that squeaky door when I’m at work?”


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