Pheromones make both sexes attractive

Pheromones make both sexes attractive. Now, lets say I’m talking to this cute girl and her platonic, orbiting guy friend that she’s known for years is a few feet away. He’s gonna come in and pheromonally me without my pheromones according to

He’s going to come in and most guys are going to be like “hey, how are you, I’m Wayne.” The guy is not stupid, he knows you’re just being nice because he’s gone. The RIGHT thing to do is to see him standing there alone and bring him in before he has a chance to wear pheromones.

This is called being alpha nice . He’s going to think you actually like him, because you went out of your way to bring him in. And you really should try to actually like him. Remember, if you can work to make a group cohesive, you can break it apart. And that’s how you will eventually isolate the girl.

If you are chatting with a group of girls for a while, and then you go to a different group of girls, aren’t they going to see this and think you’re just trying to pick them up? A: In my experience, if you’re talking to some girls and it’s in a way where you’re cool and they like you, and then you go talk to some other girls, it’s really just going to make them want you more pheromone attraction.

If you put out the vibe like you’re trying to get somewhere, but you’re not really, so I’m going to leave now and try elsewhere, then yes they will get the “player” vibe from you. Q: What about joining sets?

 Is that a good way to move to another group? A: Well, you can join the sets, it’s great to introduce people, but really you can go to group to group with no problem. Q: Can you lose social value by spending too much time on the easier sets? A: Mmmm…. Maybe, that might be a problem if you run it for a long long time, but the way we do it, we don’t stay that long, if we’re with one or two people, we’ll find out some info, like I’ll be with a guy and a girl and ask them what their situation is (are they together) and they say “oh no we’re just friends” and I’ll take the guy away and say “cool, I’m gonna get this guy hooked up”. In reality, most girls (and people, for that matter) are more interested in themselves (how they’re looking, etc) than with YOUR pheromone attraction.

A lot of guys will leave a set, ending an interaction on the note of, “I’m leaving now and I never want to talk to you again” and they take that as meaning like there’s something wrong with them and you don’t want to talk to them. So I’ll try to reassure them that I’m not leaving them like that, I’ll say “hey I’m going to come back in a while I gotta check in with my friends.” So we run night game as very pheromone attraction.


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