Pheromones make attraction easier.

Pheromones make attraction easier. But, not choosy as in a naughty way, but choosy like, "Oh! I want things to be in a certain way". Then unconsciously she is thinking about your pheromones , he has an ideal scene, he has purposeful action going on. And then she becomes more attracted to you.

And this is where we get the leader idea about alphaness. So, you can ’t just say, be a leader. W hat does that mean? But, it becomes clear what a leader is once you have realized that what the person is doing is that they have an ideal scene. They know that they are not in it.

And they are identifying the pheromone signals necessary to get there as quickly as they can. That's what a leader does. So, the leader is essentially becoming the cause and everybody else is becoming an effect of what is it they are trying to accomplished according to

They are getting drafted into their intention, they are getting drafted into their purpose because the action and the pheromones communication that are going towards the people, there is lot more of them.

Per unit of time. So, it begins to overwrite, whatever they have going on. And that's essentially, how you get to become a leader.

Alright, so that will also spill over into pickup pheromones. The other thing is you can make a commitment right now, that whenever a female complaints about something, instead of...(I have seen pick up gurus recommend this whenever they complain about something the pickup guru advices to tell, that you don't like pheromones in your life blah..blah..blah)

 If she is complaining about something, fix it. If she says, “It’s too cold in here". It has to be your ideal scene that the women that you are with, that you are in front of, is enjoying herself and having a great time.

If she is not, then your ideal scene is violated. You snap into the action necessary in the shortest amount of time to get the ideal scene done.

So, hopefully you are beginning to see how this pheromone attraction works. Now, I don't want you to think that, you have already got this down because chances are you don't. Alpha males, you usually don't find in the community.

hey are way busy for that shit. They are way too engaged in life and fulfilling their ideal scenes and that kind of things for this to become a problem form.

There are a few who do, because they may have some kind of hibernation as far as talking to women. But, that just means that their alphaness is not very conscious. It's more of an institutive thing that they, use. You know in business or somewhere area of their life. It doesn't extend very far from pheromones. And that's usually by something is happened in their past that causes them to withdraw from that area, and not be themselves essentially. Sometimes there is a fear of hurting someone.


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