Pheromones Influence Self Esteem

It seems like western society is obsessed with self esteem these days using natural pheromones. And it has manifested itself into millennials feeling proud and entitled for no reason, ugly people and fatties taking too many selfies, and every dumbass on the internet thinking that his/her opinion actually matter just because they have no life, and thus have all the energy in the world to argue endlessly on social media. Real people on a mission don't have that type of energy. They are busy "burning themselves out", as Bruce Lee would say. The self esteem movement has resulted in too much bravado and very little substance with human pheromones.

My biggest gripe with the self help movement is that instead of giving people practical advice, people are often told they are beautiful the way they are. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with "self help", but I feel like there is too much focus on self esteem and pride. It wasn't that long ago that the real values of society were mastery and greatness. Like Michael Jordan for example.. Michael Jordan doesn't wake up in the morning and tells his teammates "Just you watch, I am going to shoot 1000 jump shots today. Because I am worth it. Tony Robbins said so. I believe in me". All the self belief in the world can't replace actually physically shooting 1000 jumpshots a day using cheap pheromone perfumes. Learn more at

Bruce Lee said that you should "be the candle that burns out". Bruce Lee definitely burned out his candle. He gave life everything he had and died even before his movies came out. When you watch him, you are in the presence of pure greatness and mastery, not pride and pseudo beliefs about pheromone attraction. He is the real deal. Not a paper gangster like most Americans are trying to convince themselves these days. You have a finite amount of energy to use up in your pursuit of greatness and mastery. Use all of it. Give life your all. There is more integrity in that than 1000 affirmations in front of the mirror.

Even when I read some of the posts at ThePlace, every other post is about self esteem. "How do I increase my self esteem?" All the focus is on self belief. Noone talks about mastery. I went out and mastered the game at the age of 26. I was teaching 50 year old doctors game. As ridiculous as pickup is, I gave it my all. And now at 31, I no longer care about female validation. If I was a self esteem junkie, it would have actually been way more painful. Boosting my ego and self belief, only to get it shattered at the night clubs. Humpty Dumpty picking himself up every night. My process to mastery was the reverse of the self esteem movement. I let myself die. The more rejection, the better. The less pride I had, the more practical and efficient I became at attracting women. I am not saying achieving infinite validation is a great accomplishment. I personally feel it is just a phase you go through as a young horny guy. But the goal is to put your 10,000 hours in and achieve mastery, not develop pseudo belief using natural pheromones.


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