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No way! What I am saying is this: awareness makes you always strive for more. And when you strive for more, regardless of your age, your weight, your looks or your height or your background, you become indispensable. Your partner doesn't want to leave yo u, or fire you! They couldn't, because you provide so much value! If you live in a fantasy land and think that the PHD will set you for life like lots of people do, you WILL end up in the deep end. If you think that marriage means you're set and that you will have a secure love forever, and keep the man you love by your side, you are very wrong. Because that's not all you need when using powerful pheromones.

You need to demand more from yourself every single day, in every single area of your life. Difficult, but it's true. I know we all wish it was easier. But get busy doing what is hard, because hardly anybody else is, and you will reap all the rewards. Most people have little to no awareness of why they do what they do. This is why people make impulsive choices, and seek out people, social groups, and experiences that fit only their own worldview of sex pheromones. Learn more at and

 By observing your own feelings and impulsive reactions and thought processes, you then have the power to use them in the way that you want. You can use your insecurities as a way to show up in your life as a passionate and sensual woman, or you can use them to manipulate people and just get what you want from them. ie: seek out people who will try to make you feel better, or validate you whenever your insecurities come up. This is what man y people do. And then 10, 20 or 30 years down the track, their wife or husband is having an affair. Or their husband has fathered a love child. Or their wife has given birth to a child that is not their own pheromones. And they are a cuckold (watch the movie Me Myslf and Irene with Jim Carey to see a good example of how people deny the truth). The movie is a funny take on the more painful things in life. This is what happens to people who see the world as the way they want it to be, not as it really is. This is what happens to people why try to suppress insecurities and pretend they are not there. I don't want this to happen to you.

Another way people try to deal with having insecurities is to simply shut off and stop caring about people. Then their life becomes a bout only them. They are living in a fantasy world that isn't really a fantasy: it's a misery. Where they are alone and constantly feeling threatened, hurt and angry. So, again, to conclude: your insecurities will always be there. It's like jealousy, or s tress. Like any natural pheromones it is how you choose to use it that really matters. It's not the fact that the emotion is there that makes things destructive. It's the way you use the emotion. Insecurity and fear included with real pheromones.


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