Pheromones In NIghtclubs

As we’ve seen, some guys use pheromones with Street Hustle skills- some in nightclubs with high energy antics or dancing, some with looks, and some with money or fame. Once the girl shows signs that she's taken the bait and is attracted, We say she's “hooked on true pheromones” and we know we’ve reached the Hook Point. Rapport is built in order for the girl to make a. connection with the guy, and to trust him enough to let him try to seduce her seduction happens when she's comfortable enough for him to lead and escalate her pheromones.

Open pheromones - This is a “cold approach” so it means you don't know the girl before approaching her true pheromones. You’ve seen her walking down the street, sitting in a coffee shop, or browsing in a store. Without hesitating (so that anxiety doesn't set in) go up to her and get right in front of her so her pheromone attention moves from what she's doing and onto you. Remember to hold twinkling eye contact and smile as you go in. Learn more at and

Throwing out some guesses about her will get the girl responding and giving you a topic or two to talk about; e.g. her country, her job, or what she’s doing now. its key that you take hold of this topic with both hands and unpack it. Jumping between topics is a. sign of nerves which destroys any conversational flow. You’re still in attraction mode, so when you’re expanding on her topic it's going to be based on role-play, silliness, accusations, and playful challenging anything that spikes emotions in some way of alarm pheromones. You'll keep in this mood until you notice that the girl is asking the questions, crossing her legs, playing with her hair, or scratching her neck. Now she’s essentially sticking around and enjoying it. We say that she’s now “hooked” and we've reached Hook Point.

Pheromone Investment  - After the Hook Point, We want to dial down the fun, fizzy energy of pheromone attraction and connect with her. Now is the time to ask the normal getting- to-know-you questions that you so- far avoided, so that you can get her to do more of the work of opening up and asking you the questions. You want to give roots to the interaction, to show her that you‘re more sincere than Mr. Smooth or Mr. Entertainer.

After getting her contact details, what next? Remember that the aim of the Game is to get her out and sleep with her, and maybe even date her long term, but not become platonic “text buddies” with her. Yet you don’t want to ask her out straight away, because this will send out desperation signals. The objective is to text for a. few days and then get her out within a. week of the cold approach. If she’s so keen that you can invite her out sooner, so be it. Pheromones are the best way to increase your success with women.


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