Pheromones attraction is part of a 60 years of challenge

Pheromones attraction is part of a 60 years of challenge, that should get you onto the right mindsets. Not just once, i probably read it once a month, just to continue to ingrain it in myself, remind myself of it all. Most importantly, start putting it into practice.

Over the last few months, my seduction has been transitioning beautifully from great conversation, and conservative escalation that wasn’t getting me laid too much, to more mundane conversation (its not really mundane, its just less flashy than before) but rock solid confidence in escalation. It gets you laid, it shows confidence to escalate. This is such a poisonous mindset that I see so often, why the fuck do you want to start thinking about this shit already with true pheromones.

What if the sex is fucking terrible, what if she fucking despises blowjobs, and no matter what, wont put your dick in her mouth. Pheromones make all the difference in the world. I mean, cmon man, i really wish we could get a mainstream movement to get rid of these stupid fantasies of guys. Learn more at

Pah, it makes me cringe nowadays, wanting her to be your girlfriend before you've railed her for a few months.

Read all that 60 years of challenge stuff.

FIRST INTERACTION with Human Pheromones

I met this girl in a bus. She is a nice intelligent girl who read more books than me. She has a bigger vocabulary, she uses words I don’t use. I admire this. She speaks my native language and is smart enough to know the history of my country. She likes our folklore, our roots, our ancestors. She traveled in Europe and studied in Holland for a year. I’ll give her a 8 on the looks.

We chatted for 4-5 minutes. Nothing heavy or sexual. It was 50 % - 50% from the beginning. It was like we were building a wall together and both parties were adding blocks into this conversation. I was calm, looking into her eyes. At one moment she asked me how old I am and I laughed with a big smile. I was congruent, but maybe this was a “shit test handling” from my side.

I asked when she gets off. And it was at the next station. I felt she liked this little conversation, but the responsibility to take her number was on my shoulders. She wouldn’t ask it for me. I took her number.

FIRST DATE with human pheromones

I texted her and she gave me her fb. I asked her out in the first message if she enjoyed the scent of human pheromone attraction. We planned to meet next week. Till then we chatted a little every day about small things. At the actual date we went to the park. At first she was nervous. We sat down on a bench. I sat down in front of her to be able to look into her eyes, which I did the whole time. I was very calm and free of expectations. She was a little nervous at the beginning, but then she relaxed. I expressed myself openly, but anyway I left out the heavy part. I didn’t do any escalation (kino) or sexual comments, but there were some stories from my part about girls in general. What I like about them and so on.


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