Pheromones At Night

So sometimes things can happen that way when you use pheromones to attract women! - Now I did see other girls in that period, but I did not tell her about it! AT ALL! - But I reserved the spot for her, because I KNEW absolutely KNEW that we would end together ... so we did use our natural pheromone cologne! Learn more at

That is the late at night not that thorough thoughts about the topic, from a very tired Heliotrop, so as you know, take the advices with a grain of salt, and see what you can use from it!

At one time I stayed with her a her place for a week, and we had a great time embracing her natural pheromone perfumes, - and she was lying on the floor, drawing, and I obvious jumped on top of her back, pressing her down, pushing my hard cock in my pants against her ass, and bite her neck tiger style, and then I told her: "you know, I could easily rape you right now ... and there would be nothing you could do about it ... and I know you really want me to" ... and she told me straight out

"Sure, you could, easily, and I would be more than fine with that ... the two of us could easily be fuck buddies, - but you would not be satisfied with that that, would you? you know that if we did that, we would never be boyfriend and girlfriend ... but I can fell against my ass, that the sex pheromones would be amazing to use pheromone perfumes?” Learn more at

Cheers, it's really welcome to use natural pheromones. Such a path sounds ideal, a long period of banter and flirting and perhaps a bit of messing around is way more interesting than fucking her right away (and I do believe I could've fucked her after that first date right away) / And yeah, kissing girls for the sake of social proof is a bit silly when you put it like that with human pheromones.

These days I focus on not analyzing it too much. When you don't have anything tangible your mind just starts to set out different scenarios of what reality could be and it just inflates everything with natural pheromone production. Learn more at

If the whole facebook auto-fill and friend finder shenanigans are anything to go by then I'm still on her mind. So far I've done everything I could and I actually think I couldn't have done it any better. I have a few responses up my sleeve to tease her with whenever we communicate again and that's enough for now with human pheromones.

EDIT: In hindsight the title is erronous. The cocktease, seductive femme fatale was just one of her acts and I mistakenly took that for how she really is.

And ... choosing new unprecedented pheromone perfume choices can be as simple as choosing to not react in the ways that others do / ways that she expects.  Try reacting deliberately with no reaction at all.  Try the reaction of the deliberate choice to display no changes to your state.  And pay attention to her reaction.


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