Pheromones are the ONLY way to overcome anything

Pheromones are the ONLY way to overcome anything. Including depression, grief, extreme hurt, and anything that is remotely something that you want to get out of your life. A while back I had trouble sleeping after moving in to a new place. David was away and I was on my own, in a new place I didn't know very well.

I started developing bad sleeping patterns after hearing some scary noises, and feeling like I had to be up to defend myself. In the end, I caused myself immense stress and cost myself a lot of sleep. Some nights I could not sleep at all. I might even go 2 nights in a row without sleep, and I was still carrying on an intense exercise regimen. The only way to get myself to sleep regularly again was to habitually change my focus every time I lay in bed and I noticed tension entering my body. I changed my physiology (the way I was holding my body), my mental focus and my subconscious patterns. It took me a while, and I am still on the home stretch, but that was the only way to stop the problem. Pheromones are always temporary. Learn more at and

And, they may not even help at al l. You have to do the same thing with your insecurities. Notice what your hot buttons are - whether it be an apparently prettier girl, a younger woman, a more successful woman - whatever. When you notice yourself running that pattern, IMMEDIATELY focus elsewhere. Even stand up and to star jumps. The key is to know that life can only go on in the present moment. Life is a series of moments, as we talked about in previously, and every moment counts . You can only have power in the present. Choose a better meaning, and let that be your focus. If you habitually focus on how bad your skin is or how you wish you were thinner, to feel bad and like you are undeserving of love... your new focus might be: "I am even more deserving of love if I get out of myself and stop focusing on my own downfalls. Other people need my love too. I am NOT the only one who needs love, and I can always choose to give love, regardless of how bad my skin is, or how my weight is not ideal. THIS is what makes me truly indispensable and lovable pheromones."

This way, your confidence will soar. You will have a certainty that other women envy . And best of all, you will be providing something to your relationship that is rare. And what is rare is valuable. And we all seek out, and crave what is rare and valuable.

If we use it instead of hiding from our fears of competition, we are able to become the indispensable wife or girlfriend. See, if a man loves you, he will feel jealousy about you speaking to another man whom he thinks is taller, more powerful or has more status. But if he just says: "ah, I'll let her have that, I shouldn't try to control her...." All the passion is gone. If instead, he chooses to claim you and take you to places you have never been before, how much more of a raving fan of him are you, now? Or wait - do you prefer the man who lets you have your freedom?


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