Pheromone Levels

That was just one level of my calibration. The other level were all the ego traps that women were laying out before me. Sometimes I would go out of my way to greet customers...and if a woman ever snubs me, I am pretty much on every other woman's radar. Suddenly every woman in the room is scanning my face...scanning my soul...for any tiny bit of reaction to sexual pheromones. Am I butthurt? Is my ego fragile? Am I going to cry because I got snubbed? Women hate being snubbed, especially when working in customer service. Especially hot women. So when they see someone else getting snubbed, it's like must see TV.  Learn more about pheromones at

And I know this. So I react accordingly. Or better yet, I don't react at all. Because I was a seducer. I've been rejected 10,000 times. What the hell is a snub going to do to me? This seems like a small feat, but all the women are absolutely amazed by my unreactiveness. These beautiful women can't even fathom getting snubbed and having their day ruined. Suddenly my value shoots through the roof. Not because of what I did. But because of what I didn't do. I didn't do what they would do. I achieved masculine polarity of sex pheromones.  

And this is another level of calibration. It is not what you do, it is what you don't do.
I had a hot female coworker ask me "So what does TK stand for?" I told her "too kool". She was like "Really, you're not going to tell me?" I was like "I just did". As subtle as that little bit of breaking rapport was, she ended up chasing me the rest of the year. I was the first guy probably in her entire life who didn't jump at the opportunity to reveal myself, to be understood, to be accepted with natural pheromones. This may seem very subtle, and maybe you don't think it's that important in the night club, but when you understand women in broad daylight, when you realize how clairvoyant and psychic they are, an extremely subtle move like that is enough to separate you from every other guy. Seduction isn't checkers. Seduction is chess. One move and you capture the queen. However, this woman almost caught me slippin. She once found a bottle in my locker and asked if it was Johnny Walker black. I confessed and she asked if I drank bacardi. I said yes and she tried to get me to say "bacardi" the spanish way. I refused. I knew what she was up to. She was uncomfortable with my hold on her, and for 6 months she tried to set up a qualification that she knew I would either fail or not be totally congruent in passing. Each and every time, I disqualified myself. I didn't give her the opportunity to qualify me. It's what you don't do. She thought she could outwit the chessmaster, but she just ended up in my harem.

Speaking of chess, another ego trap I didn't fall for was validation. That's right. On this level, women WILL give you validation. And if you are a cool guy, they will give you infinite validation. That's right. I like to brag about infinite validation because I know it is worthless. Women aren't dumb.


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