Pheromone Interaction Formula

Alright, you do all those things, it will help you, not only in male female dynamics, it will help you in everything. People wanna interact with someone who takes good care of themselves and dresses well, holds eye contact and smiles. But, we still don't have a good definition of alpha male pheromones.

 So, what is an alpha male? One of the ways to go about discovering this is to look into society, look into the people that you currently know, that you have known in the past, that other people consider to be alpha male pheromones. And what you will come up with it t hen, you will begin to notice patterns.

The patterns that you will begin to notice, you know...the smiling and taking care of yourself and dressing well and that kindda thing is a result of being alpha. It's not the way to be alpha, it’s the result of human pheromone attraction. Learn more at

That's essentially the formula that we currently have, for how to become alpha. And, again I wanna stress that this is not only going to be about picking up women with pheromone colognes, this is gonna help you in everything. Learn more at

Literally everything in life. So, the very first thing that I discovered was that the alpha male has an ideal scene or an expectation, that they are firmly committed to. The firmly committed to part is important.

They have strong intent ion, they want things to be in a certain way, they know what that certain way is, then they are noticing way their current environment is ( they are noticing the differences) and then, they begin to supply the mental energy, the thought and the action, in order to morph whatever the current scene is into their ideal scene. Okay, now that is actually a skill of pheromone attraction.

And that's a skill that can be learned, and that's a skill that grows more powerful over time . So, if you looking at alpha male's idea of a night out, a night out would be, their ideal scene would be...with friends, having a great time...pretty women there. With you... maybe they came with you, may be you invited them, may be you picked them up. A big pheromone formula to attract women.

That's what a lot of women think of, but that is something that you know, if it's not there. You can say, this is here or its not here ? It’s true ...or it's not true. There is a ideal scene.

So, once you have that, then you have something to create, you have something to do, you have some actions to take to get it that way. So, they have a strong expectation and an ideal scene and a commitment to merge to morph reality into how they want it to be with human pheromones.

 And when reality is not that way, the supply energy into changing it. So, you take, alpha male guy he is out with his friend. What he wants, is he wants girls at his table. 10 Mins What does he do? Well , how do you get girls to table? You go and talk to them. There is not a lot of techniques or debate or wishing.  


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