Pheromone Games

Pheromone Games: Online pheromones is an approach where your seduction is started on the Internet. This style primarily includes dating sites and social networks. Pros: You can contact many girls at anytime.

There is a bigger dating pool potentially exposing you to women you wouldn’t have met in real life. Women you do manage to meet you usually get to sleep with. Cons: Guys new to this usually start out with cut and paste messages to “get proof that pheromones work” this works before trying in out in the real world. It’s actually harder to attract women online due to artificially inflated thresholds and the massive amount of competition.

 If you don’t know what you are doing your open and success rate can be close to 0%. Since there are fewer sensory channels it becomes harder to calibrate [often sarcasm and humor don’t translate online to pheromone attraction]. Learn more about pheromones at

Basic Pheromones: Fashion is the first seduction trap and this includes using human pheromones. It isn’t necessary, but knowing the basics of fashion helps you to overcome social objections. When in doubt find one of your female friends to take you shopping and buy her something nice. 1. Wear clothing that complements your complexion and your eyes. 2. Match your dress shoe and belt color. 3. Match the color of your clothing to the season.

Dark colors in the winter, pastels in the spring, bold colors in the summer, and earthy rich colors in the fall. 4. Buy your high quality neutrals [white, cream, gray, and black] out of season to get deep discounts. 5. Wear clean clothing that is fitted. 6. Find a good look and create five nearly identical mix-and-match clothing sets to save time. There are better things to expend mental energy on then figuring out what to wear. 7. Have one or two peacocking/conversational props and use a few sprays of human pheromones. Hats, necklaces, rings, watches, are all good choices. Mine are my soccer scarf and my cell phone, which lights up with red and blue lights and grabs attention in a dark nightclub. 8. Wear clothing that matches your niche and adopted persona.

Comfort Zone: Most people require a comfort zone of 24 to 36 inches around them when interacting with another person and using male pheromone cologne. Violate this space too soon, no matter how persuasive you were, will make the other person uncomfortable and cause them to become distracted. The closer you are to her the more intimate the perceived body language will be and the more trust she will have for you. If you move too close, too soon she will get scared off. The same goes for touching her in areas that are too personal, too soon. However, if you stay too far away for too long you will appear cold and aloof. Remember: As you touch her you want to work from the outside, in. Progress from a friendly touch, to comforting touch, and then finally to a sexual touch of pheromones.


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