Pheromone Confirmations

There are no confrontations or arguments, they are simply opportunities to improve your communication and relationship. Hinting at matters only leads to missed opportunities and prolonging of issues. Defensiveness shouldn’t exist in a relationship that is focused on improvement – what’s the real focus when defensiveness prevails with cheaper pheromones?

Do you want to depend on your woman to pick up your subtle hints when we all know that women can be willfully blind and oblivious? Is your relationship really going to fall apart because you voice your displeasure with how she does the dishes? And so on with the best pheromones.

Of course, this proposition is far easier said than done. We all know the logical course of action is to say it and not hint it, but it’s still a process that requires comfort and security in confrontation. However, the process also becomes easier after the first time you do it (and cathartic as hell) and realize that the sky hasn’t fallen, and your relationship is still handily intact using cheap pheromone perfumes. Learn more at and

Saying it and not hinting it means that there are far fewer misunderstandings between you and your woman… and fewer frustrations on your part when she doesn’t pick up on hints that you think are obvious, but really aren’t.

All of this leads to better and faster conflict resolution, which prevents resentment and increases a sense of equality and respect for your new pheromones.

The most common styles of conflict are: collaborating, competing, accommodating, compromising, and avoiding. It won’t surprise you to know that most women tend to fall into the accommodating and avoiding camps. Men tend to vary their conflict styles and don’t usually fall into one or the other, though they could be generalized to be more direct than women.

First, figure out which style you are. Most of the styles are fairly self-explanatory, but allow me to briefly summarize each using top rated pheromones.

Collaborating: working together towards a common goal. Competing: working towards your own goal with no regard for your woman’s sacrifices. Accommodating: allowing your woman to get what he wants at your own expense. Compromising: mutual sacrifices towards a common goal. Avoiding: the ostrich method of putting your head in the sand until the issue really needs to be addressed.

Attempt to figure out which style your woman uses. Then you can fill in the blanks of how to come together more naturally and easily. Understanding where someone is coming from and their process is key to an amicable settlement.

You can even appeal to something they aspire to be. If anything, that will make them want to show and confirm that perception even more.

We prefer to solve problems, not just listen.

At this point in your life, you know exactly who you want to talk to for certain situations.

If you want to talk about your emotional problems, maybe you’ll talk to your father. Money issues, maybe your one friend who is an accountant. How terrible your football team is doing, maybe that one college buddy you played flag football with.

So when your woman rants to you, realize that she may just want to vent and talk through something herself as opposed to brainstorming solutions.


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