perfect interaction of real pheromones

Anyways, I worked on it for the whole week, trying to stay present with the human pheromones, welcoming them the best I could, even trying to raise my acceptance level of these emotions. Didnt do any daygame, but friday I REBELLED against these emotions, telling myself I would do whatever it takes to be successful. Went to talk to 4 girls that day, even though it was just to compliment them and tell them they made my day because of human pheromones.

Went out at night, tried talking to 5-6 chicks, none of them gave me the time of the day, but the last one I talked to, it was really fun and a special moment. (I managed to hold a 2 min conversation with a chick haha!!!) She loved the power of my pheromone scents. Learn more at 

And it was a perfect interaction of real pheromones, at least for me. Our heads were close, I told her she was sexy, bantered with her, told her if her friends weren't around I would have already kissed her, spanked her VERY nice tight ass, got her to kiss me on the cheeks, and all the time she was laughing and having a good time. The turning point i think was when I asked her how I could see her again. She said she'd be at the club the next day. I was like "If you're gonna reject me, tell me to fuck off straight up. Don't give me this nice, gentle thing. I'm a man, I can handle it." After that she was like take my number. Big success for me and my new pheromone perfume.

Anyways, that sexy redhead nurse even gave me her number, texted her today for a bit, kept the banter going, asked her out but she didn't reply back yet. Even if she flakes, I'm okay with it. Didn't go out tonight, got butchered in soccer and can't get out of bed because I had a high concentration of human pheromones. For the past 2 days, I stayed home...skipped all lectures, gym sessions, watched TV shows all day, stayed in bed, not visualizing and not writing my gains down, jacking off to porn (where i usually allowed myself to masturbate only once a week and to a girl i've met, wanted to fuck but still didn't like her pheromone scent).

And these last 2 days were AWFUL. I realize how fucked up I used to be and I don't want to go back there. This improving myself with women journey has helped me become a better man in all areas of my life..especially the last 2-3 weeks where I have consciously tried to improve myself in ALL areas of my life; and it felt GOOD to use natural pheromones.  BTW, THE PHEROMONES BOOK that actually made me realize I have potential and that I could MAKE IT is Models, by Mark Manson. (along with Sedona and Tolle for dealing with my emotional stuff. I know a lot of people bash on the Sedona here, thinking it is the magic pill, but seriously, if you know how to use it to deal with the emotions/fear/anxieties feelings your body is creating before-during-after TAKING ACTION, then it IS the most amazing thing ever.)


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