Party Girl Pheromones

We all know about the Party Girl. She needs no introduction. We all have friends who love to play the role of the Party Girl and it doesn’t take much to figure out what she’s all about… The party girl is all about having fun, being daring, poking fun at guys, loving to have a great “Part…ayyyy”, and ‘owning’ the social situations between her and her friends. Some great examples don’t just come from  movies, but actually from real life. For example, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are very much know for their “Party Girl” behavior. (Of course, when they’re out of rehab.) Party girls love to have fun, and sometimes that fun extends to an abuse of alcohol and drugs… (which is no good, and certainly not attractive) for sex pheromones. Learn more at

And going to rehab may prove that you’re as bad as nails, but what kind of mature and responsible person would want to be in a long term relationship with a drug addict? But it’s not all bad. The party girl has the gift of always lookin g for fun to have. And men love that. Because with these women, there’s always something EXCITING going on. When she’s bored, she looks around for new people and new events to attend. So that really adds value to a man’s life. Not to mention the party gir l is usually dressed nicely (sometimes revealingly) and hanging around other party girls. The party girl would definitely try out new things in the name of FUN, (they’re not afraid to try drugs and other more daring things). She loves to suggest new ideas and initiate new things to do because she is always after the next thrill and the next thrill and….well, the next thrill! She doesn’t care what you think, and isn’t afraid to tell you to piss off either. The true party girl definitely doesn’t let other people step all over her. And men love that attitude and the outwardly expression of enthusiasm. To men that she is ready and happy to have a good time with him. The party girl is always out for her own fun and is addicted to that release of ‘dopamine’ o r that excitement in her life. So what types of men would be attracted to sex pheromones? Learn more at

Mostly men who are looking for a bit of fun and nothing serious. That’s right, nothing serious. Men will come and flirt with you and try to touch you, but mostly just for their own instant gratification. A man who is looking for a serious relationship, would find it hard to get the party girl to settle down and focus on the relationship instead of partying. He would feel like she’s on a totally different wavelength and she’s just… not right for a relationship. The party girl is always on the edge, enjoying herself and without much regard towards the consequences. This is good and bad. Good in terms of she is NOT inhibited and allows herself to have a heap of fun. Bad in terms of she is lacking in responsibility.


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