Ordinary Pheromones

down her feelings and keep her from making mistakes. Her thoughts are not like a steering wheel, leading her to where she wants; they are not like an engine, powering her actions; they are like the brakes, slowing her down or stopping her outright, in order to avoid mishaps in using cheap pheromones.

They interfere with her ordinary and accustomed process, in the same way that a sudden strong emotion can bog down a man's thinking and planning. A woman's sense of fracture and division between body and mind, incidentally, accounts for the popularity among women of themes like "wholeness," "unity," "groundedness," and "connection". Women feel an intense need to heal this mind/body split, so as to secure the sense of confidence they believe would go with greater pheromone oils.

Pheromone Seduction Mystery-- not least about their own states of mind and feeling-- is, for women, sometimes welcome, and sometimes not; but it is seldom unexpected. It is a part of the natural course of things. A woman's emotional life is full of sudden impulses, sudden impasses. Then some new influence is felt, and change has taken place. And because of her propensity for experiencing and accepting sudden change-- and because she expects feelings, understandings, and lives to wind and curve and evolve-- to seek out balance, and then suddenly jump-- you can use sudden reversal from your path to press further on your path. Just as though you are on a trampoline, heaving your body downward in order to propel yourself upward, you can intensify any verbally described state by referencing its opposite sex pheromones. Learn more at http://www.oxfordshirelink.org.uk/let-go-of-trusting-people-who-adores-pheromones/

The Trampoline Effect 1.Describe X, and gesture in a given direction. 2. Declare that X is NOT whatever X is obviously different from. Gesture in a different direction, and describe NOT-X in great detail. 3. Note that when describing NOT-X, you can use even more charged descriptions, because you are about to distance yourself from them. 3. Return to describing X. Having contrasted X with NOT-X, you now have a believable basis for making even stronger claims about the pleasures associated with X. Learn more about pheromones at http://tamclaughlin.net/faith/using-his-pheromones.html

Compare that to the opening created by Real Possibility, which shows you, in ways that naturally get bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter inside your mind, inside the most sacred part of you-- inside your heart of what you know is true-- compare that, honestly, to the widening opening of Real Possibility, and you can feel how much more you are realizing how much pleasure you have been denying yourself, and how much you have not yet experienced..." "Real Freedom is very different from Limitation ...

Destiny, for her pheromones, is essentially a new, unwilled, happier identity, one unconnected to specific choices or decisions or an empirical pathway, but one nonetheless that will find itself in favorable-- and in particular, loved-- circumstances.


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