Offerring Value With Pheromones

If you don't feel like you are offering value when approaching women, you shouldn't even be approaching women with human pheromones. Sucking in value like a needy vortex is not going to get you anywhere and will only repulse women. Save them from the trauma of your presence and work on yourself. You are the method. You are the technique. You are the product. Not some lame bootcamp. Work on yourself to the point where you feel that your mere presence is offering value. THEN you will attract infinite validation from women. This is the law and the way. The lesson and the teacher. The buddha and the dharma. The buddhadharma...all rolled up into one. There is no "what do I do?". Or "what technique should I use?" By asking these questions, you are totally bypassing the "I". "What technique should I....." "Wait a minute, I AM the technique". "I AM the doing". "I AM the being". "I AM the game". Learn more about pheromones at

Work on the "I". Give value to the "I". If you don't, nobody will. Respect the "I". Love the "I". Give the "I" a better mind, body, and soul.  Have faith in the "I"....even when nobody else does. Embrace the "I", even if others think he is "weird". Express the "I" and do not have any ego invested in what people think. Laugh at your haters. The "I" is all you have. It has all the power to give you everything in this Universe. Whatever you want, you first must give it to the "I". Offer yourself value, and others will offer you value. The world will not give you what you are unwilling to give yourself. For the world is just a reflection of the "I" perspective of a true pheromone user.

The natural order of things is that men conquer pheromones, and women conquer mens pheromones. Women get their meaning and purpose from seducing the highest value man. The alpha male. The king of the tribe. Men get their meaning and purpose from conquering the world. Men get their ultimate glory from becoming the king of his domain. There is a natural complementary effect here by using natural pheromone scent. The highest value male gets the highest value female. This is the way the Gods drew it up. This was the way it was designed by Mother Nature herself. This was to ensure the survival of the human species. Man would strive to reach masculine potential and conquer his world, advancing civilization and discovering new worlds. And in return, he get the spoils of victory...including women. However, not just any random THOT (that hoe over there) can capture the heart of the king. She must be a queen. This is what women have strived to become for centuries. It is their DNA prerogative. A queen worthy of capturing the heart of a king with human pheromones. However, because of modern-day pop culture and feminism, women are becoming more trashy and promiscuous, while using the "equality" card and saying shit things like "why can't we fuck around like men do? Men and women are equal right?!?!?!"


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