Obsessive Pheromones

So I've been looking for content related to ruining another pheromone relationship such as; A guy is dating a girl that I want and I want to ruin their relationship and was looking for some good ideas besides the "I'm an Alpha Male" techniques because there isn't a big chance of hanging out with both at the same time. It's actually for a friend of mine that really isn't into pickup but is obsessed with a girl he use to be in a relationship with, but I wanted to check it out as well if there is any good content on here like that.

There need to be a really fucking good reason to do so ... Hence you should not seek such advice, least of all pass them on to a friend!  If some fucker stole his wife and kids let us know ... otherwise, tell him to move the fuck on with his life... of pheromones. Learn more at http://www.qqpiaopiao.com/2017/01/29/pheromone-attraction-is-big/

Yeah I mean I've wanted to destroy relationships in the past because it involved someone I cared about and could see it was a poisonous relationship for them who loves pheromones. Those are arguably the hardest to break up, actually.  But for the sake of 'he's obsessed with this girl he used to date'... yeah, he just needs to move the fuck on and stop being to fucking selfish.  I'm sure he's a sweetheart though.

Yeah mate, didn't mean to relate to your post but op ... was meant fully in support of your post man ... xD

A thing I has actually learned is that it's hard to judge someone else's relationshio from the outside... so I generally don't ... Just because I don't like to get abused does not mean that goes for all women and so on...

Etc. some girls will tell you they hate jerks, but their last 10 boyfriends has all been jerks ... you bet they like you more if you are a jerk then ...

That might also actually explain the thing you say, with harder to break up and so on... And you're right... it rarely (if ever) does any good to try and judge a relationship from the outside.

The three examples I was thinking of, which came to mind as I wrote the last post... I could see how the relationships they were in, were pushing them further and further away from the people they loved and who cared about them, alienating them, because their self-esteem was all fucked up and all they wanted was the validation of being in a relationship. It didn't really matter 'with who'.... just so long as they had someone to sleep with at night.

But again, I guess just because I can see the fundamental flaw in that... well, like we've said before, you can't save everyone.  Levexaeus you might want to look into the 48 laws of power by Robert Greene, that book is all about covert sleazy stuff like what you're wanting to do.  You've got to get into the mindset of doing things without overtly saying them or letting people know you're actually doing them. Like how girls think most of the time.   

But man, ruining a relationship isn't the way to go, it's almost never necessary. Even the most solid relationship will crumble in a minute if a guy of higher status comes along.  Hypergamy is universal.  So my solution to you or "your friend" is to be a higher status male (read a ton of the rational male blog and then put it into practice with 


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