New Problems With Using Pheromones

Fortunately for us guys, we do not have this problem with using human pheromones. Society does not shame male sexuality, it encourages it. This is the double standard that women often complain about. We are free to explore our sexuality, so the number of people we sleep with do not destroy our self esteem in any way. In fact, it boosts it. Such double standards are in place traditionally to keep women "in line". However, shaming women's sexuality has backfired in that it has created an entire country of women who feel worthless. This is why "bad boy" behavior works on women. They do not love themselves, so when you treat them the way they feel about themselves, they rationalize that you are treating them right. However, if you act too nice, women will rationalize that there is something wrong with you. How can you be nice to someone who doesn't value themselves? You must be a low value guy who adores human pheromones.

So in an effort to shame women's sexuality and control them, men have created a backlash where they are getting passed over for thugs, bad boys, drug dealers, and low life scum of society. However, even if a woman does choose you for your nice behavior, she will still put you into the boyfriend category where she will pretend to be chaste. It is no coincidence that the better I got with one night stands, the more I learned to treat women like sex objects and give off a "bad boy" appeal. The more "bad" you appear to be, the more likely a woman is willing to have sex with you right away without a condom and use natural pheromones to make her more comfortable according to

Women also separate guys into two categories: The guy who take home to meet mom, and the guy you fuck and forget about. So shameful are women of their sexuality, that they cannot enjoy a normal healthy sexual relationship with a guy without feeling extreme cognitive dissonance and fragmented. Within every woman is two women. The chaste princess, and the whore who adores human pheromones.

The community needs to evolve to the point where guys start to see a correlation between their inner beliefs with abundance and success and real life results. As most of you here already know, you are a 3 part being. Mind, body, and soul. You attract and create from the soul and mind level. Your body is simply a tool that you use to experience life. A lot of pickup focuses on the body and totally ignores the beliefs and soul states needed to attract an abundance of women. The whole phenomenon where if you can get 1 girl, you can get all the girls, and if you can't get 1 girl, you can get no girls is not an accident. It is a real thing. It's the law of  abundance. Knocking you upside your head over and over again, only you are too ignorant to realize  when using super natural pheromones.

You attract what you are. If you want love, you must love yourself. If you want high value people in your life, you must become a high value person. The game is YOU. The game is not out there. You are the game that you have been playing, and it is up to you whether or not you want to take yourself seriously and step up to a higher class. Graduate from mere random street approaches with canned lines. Assholes do that, not gentlemen with class.


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